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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Salad Chop-a-ganza

I'm back in LA. I flew back on Saturday and luckily it was pretty uneventful. I did make an 11-year-old friend on my first flight. And I packed myself two identical salads, one for lunch and one for dinner:

Salad leftovers topped with torn-up Field Roast deli slices and Parm!

On Sunday I went to the farmers' market and Trader Joe's and got a huge amount of fresh fruits and veggies. Then Mom and I skyped for three hours while chopping! It does take some time to make big salads but now I should have enough salad to tide me over for a while.

Here's my loot -- red peppers, zucchini, grapes, an apple, cherry tomatoes, pluots (plum/apricots) broccoli, kale, a cantaloupe, almond milk, strawberries, mixed greens, fresh mint and basil, onions, corn, a pineapple, a grapefruit, TJ's chickenless strips, veggie ground beef, and wasabi peas (to spice up salads). I spent about $25 in each place.

My first fruit salad of the week - strawberries, cantaloupe, grapes, and pluots.


I made this salad for my dinner:

There's all the veggies I bought -- mixed greens, onions, kale, tomatoes, red pepper, mint, basil, and zucchini. On top I added a few TJ's Chickenless strips, some veggie ground "beef," edamame, and a few wasabi peas to add intrigue. Topped off with a little fat-free balsamic vinegar, this salad was delicious and fueled me for a night of birthday partying. It was my friend's birthday and I planned him a little party at his house. He finally got to try beer pong for the first time:

I wore my new skirt!

$6. Te amo, Plato's Closet. Target t-shirt and Vera Wang for Kohl's (vegan) sandals. And that lovely lady next to me in this picture is a vegan (and an actress), too!

And I will leave you with an adorable picture of my dad and baby brother, both of whom I will miss. One of baby brother's favorite things to say now is, "I love water!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Pirate's Life for Me!

I wanted to focus on my 8-week recap yesterday so I didn't talk much about what I did this weekend.

On Friday I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at 9:30 in the morning. That is definitely the earliest movie I have ever seen! I went as part of the internet TV show Movie Review Round Table, so you can see the review:

I hope you watch it and like it! I liked doing the review and I plan on taking part again in the future.

But I did more this weekend than think about pirates. Though I spent plenty of time daydreaming about Captain Jack.

Saturday was kind of a dumb and frustrating day but Sunday was fun. I went to the Studio City Farmers' Market with my new roommate. We saw pretty peas

and a super weird-looking orange.

Oh, and look what I saw when I was walking to Whole Foods!

Hugo's Tacos is now serving vegan soft serve. I haven't tried it but I know vegan soft serve can be a bit hard to come by so if you're interested and in the area, check it out!

On Sunday night I met Daniela from Tierfrei-Mampefen at Seed in Venice for dinner. I've blogged about Seed before -- it's very macrobiotic friendly, but all vegan. I got the SaiSai Donbury Macro Bowl, which has brown rice, black beans, sea veggies, sauerkaut, carrots, daikon radish, and kale with a miso dressing. Daniela is visiting LA from Germany and so we had a nice dinner, walk around Venice, and convo, half in German, half in English. She said she wants to come back next year and I hope she does!

Today I spent the day doing actor business. And then I skyped with my mom and brother! I love them. =)

On to today's diet and exercise --

Like I said yesterday, I want to start eating with a little more purpose, so one thing I'm going to do is try small, frequent meals, like most athletes and body builders do. I figure it might also help with my really high fiber intake. So from now on I'll just number my meals instead of calling them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For my first day, it went very well. I felt great all day and didn't get any fiber-induced tummyaches.

Food Diary:
1. 1 serving seitan
2. 1 cup corn chowder with broccoli slaw and cauliflower
3. Pumpkin with vanilla protein powder
4. 1 serving seitan
5. A few bites leftover rice and beans with broccoli
6. Chocolate almond milk

55 minutes bike
10 minutes shadowboxing
Weights/strength: quads, squats, plies, triceps, deltoids

Tomorrow I'm starting my improv classes at UCB. I'm taking the intensive, so I'll have class from 11-2 Tuesday through Friday for the next two weeks. I hope it's fun!

Pirate-Themed Links of the Day:
Our Movie Review Round Table review of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (if you didn't watch it above)

A very negative review of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 from Collider. It contrasts starkly with our review, but it's very opinionated and I can't say I disagree with most of the points he makes, even though I enjoyed the movie.

5 Things Captain Jack Taught Me about Fashion and Makeup from Beautifully Invisible. I love this post making the case for Jack Sparrow, fashion icon!

Did you see the latest Pirates movie? If so, did you like it? Are you a fan of the first three?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gum and Jujubes

Wow, I've had a busy and fantastic weekend!

First up, I got an e-mail today from the director of the film I auditioned for on Thursday and said took over three and a half hours out of my day. She said she had decided to cast someone else but loved my performance and would like to stay in touch for future projects. I thought that was really nice because that never happens. In the audition process in LA, you go in, audition, leave, and you will probably never hear anything back. You could get a call that evening or weeks later letting you know you got a callback or booked the job, but you have no idea. And if you didn't get it, you just won't hear anything at all. So it was very nice of her to write me.

On Thursday night I totally ran out of gum and Crystal Light, which was a catastrophe, so I immediately headed to Ralphs to rectify that situation. I may have gone overboard a tad:

Don't worry, that will last me a while. I'm not one of those pack-a-day chewers, but I usually have a couple of pieces of gum a day. The watermelon is my #1 flave that I have been chewing for years and the other two were new additions inspired by Averie (they didn't have the key lime flavor!) I couldn't choose between the two so I got both and I'm glad I did. The mint chocolate chip tastes like a sweeter version of normal mint gum but the scent is 100% perfect, OMG. I just sniff it for fun. And the strawberry shortcake is also delicious. Ha gum is weird but whatever, I like it.

On Friday I had another audition and in the evening I watched Snatch. It was all right, kind of like Ocean's 11 but less fun. OK, dirty joke - I still remember when that movie was about to come out and Madonna wore a super low-cut shirt that said "Snatch, Coming Soon." I didn't know it was a movie so I thought she meant boobs now, snatch later and thought it was quite scandalous. Turns out it was my mind that was in the gutter (and I was maybe 11?).

I also bought this coffee from Trader Joes.

Once again, inspired by Averie. =) I hadn't really noticed this coffee and I felt silly buying a pre-ground coffee when I own a coffee grinder but this stuff is only about $3 and it turns out it's pretty darn tasty! I like my coffee really really dark and strong. NO watery coffee here!

Yesterday I spent several hours Skyping with my mom in the morning, having fantastic deep conversations on various political topics. I've missed that. Then I had another audition and it didn't go as well as they usually do. I was supposed to be really emotional and crying and right before I started talking someone in the room next door started blasting Beyonce and it kind of got me off my game. But that's OK, because I came home and made soup and watched The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Then I spent a few hours preparing for my audition and filming today. Finally about 10:30 I went to a bar called Happy Ending in Hollywood with my friends. It's a little out of my character to go out that late but that's how life is here and I am adjusting. I had a lot of fun and met cool people!

Even though I stayed at the bar until they turned the lights on, I woke up bright and early this morning (first around 6, then I willed myself to sleep until 7) with lots of energy - it was filming day! I got ready and then headed to an audition that I had first and it went really well. Lots of fun. I think I like doing comedy better than drama because there's just no better feeling than making people laugh. When you have a room of people cracking up, you can't help but feel positive.

I had time before filming so I went to the Studio City Farmers' Market (where I saw Noah, Claire's dad from Heroes, BTW). I bought some awesome produce.

That's green onions, mixed lettuces and spinach, two heirloom tomatoes, celery, fresh basil, jujubes, a teeny daikon radish, and a huge onion. Let's take a closer look at those jujubes.

I've seen these before but never dared try them. They're called "Chinese dates" but they taste more like apples (they just start to look like dates as they age, as the top fruit is in the process of doing). I'd never been able to sample them before buying but I got a bite today and thought it was pretty darn delicious. I love apples and I could see just eating these like mini-apples. Yum.

I also bought a loaf of homemade bread for some friends who I'm going to see on Tuesday. I didn't know what kind to get, so I picked "squaw bread" because it sounded interesting. I probably should have gone with something plain but oh, well. I gravitate towards the new and different. Plus, the baker said specifically that it was vegan friendly and I love people who know what vegan means and give a crap.

Everything, including the bread, was about $11. Seriously amazing deals. The tomatoes were $1.50 per pound (unheard of! and definitely the cheapest at the market!), celery $1.50, green onions 50 cents, all that lettuce was like $2. I definitely say that lettuce is much cheaper at farmers' markets than at any kind of grocery store, be it WF, TJ's, or Ralphs.

After the market I went to do my filming at 1. I had a GREAT time! I was playing a student filmmaker casting her thesis film - the only problem is, I haven't written it yet, so I make the auditioning actors read monologues and jump through figurative hoops. We'll shoot a couple more scenes in October, she'll edit between November and December, and they should be up on the internet in January. So that will be a great New Years' present to you all.

This evening I got to Skype with my family during my brother's 20th birthday party and watch him eat cake and open presents!!! I got him a waffle iron. =) It was great to "be there." I love him SO MUCH!!!

Good Links Today: Article about how Hugh Jackman used a mostly-vegan diet designed by Brendan Brazier to bulk up for the latest Wolverine movie. Good for him! He realized that loading up on animal protein could give him muscles but was terrible for his body and he wanted to bulk up in a healthy way. Averie's Zevia giveaway - that's stevia-sweetened soda, y'all. Hilarious clip from a 1970's sex ed video. EEK! Gena's butternut squash smoothie. How interesting is that?!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Studio City Farmers' Market!

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday! Honestly I've been so busy that I haven't had time to either post nor make any interesting food. I had some brussels sprouts, salad, and lots of soup. And coffee. And seriously, that's it.

Last night I went with some friends to a fancy Italian restaurant called Il Moro. I got the minestrone soup. It was delicious, though overpriced at $8. And definitely vegan, I inquired. I didn't want to bring attention to myself photographing my food so I just snapped a quick camera phone picture.

I've been really busy! On Thursday I had an audition and an acting class. On Friday I had another audition (this one in Chinese) and then I met some new IU friends and went out on the town. On Saturday I finally got to Skype with my mom after not talking to her since Wednesday morning. Then I scooted off to another audition and coffee with my brother from America's Court (so, not my real brother obviously). I brought one of my empty Starbucks coffee bags and got a free cup of coffee! Yay!

Today I went to the Studio City Farmers' Market.

I didn't jump in either of the bouncy houses.

I tried not to get anyone in the foreground of my picture, but there were too many darn people. So, sorry, Farmers' Market lady.

I bought some awesome stuff. Seriously, for about $10 I got all of this - celery, a bag of mixed lettuce and spinach, a bunch of Thai basil, a monster eggplant, a big bunch of lacinato kale, a bunch of chives, a red pepper, and three bunches of carrots (there was a sale, 3 bunches for 5 bucks!). I walked all the way down and compared prices in my head and then walked back and bought the best deals. Plus, everything's organic.

But that's not all! I bought some more plants! I didn't do a great job with my last plants so I bought a few more. They only cost $5 for three plants. The plant guy probably thought I was mentally deficient because I asked so many questions about which plants are hardest to kill and he warned me against cilantro and dill. So I ended up with garlic chives, English mint, and rosemary. And then I came home and planted them and I'm going to try very, very hard to keep them alive.

That's mint, chives, and my old, mostly-dead parsley. It's not totally dead, though, and I'm going to try really hard to resuscitate it. Same with my tomato plant, which I didn't want to embarrass myself by photographing.

And that's my rosemary plant!

After washing off my garden dirt I went to get coffee with a friend from acting class. Tonight I watched the 6th Harry Potter movie with my roommate. I've read all the books but I would get them the day they came out, read them in two days, and then pretty much forget everything I'd read.

I also made a biiig batch of something that I'll show you tomorrow. ;)

LINK: Look at this and laugh. Then read the post about the "alot." And laugh. Alot. (yes, that is spelled wrong. You'll get it if you read the post)

Do you shop at the farmers' market? Do you grow plants? Do you have a green thumb, or a wither-and-die thumb? Any tips for me on keeping my new herbs alive? =)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Santa Monica Farmers' Market and Co-Op, Kundalini Yoga

Yesterday I went to the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, as is quickly becoming a weekly ritual. I bought 2 avocados, 3 cherimoyas, a bag of kiwis, lots of mixed greens, and fresh peas. Then I went for an hour-long walk along the beach. So nice!

After the beach I went to the Santa Monica Co-Op, which I hadn't been to before. I was pretty devoted to our co-op in Bloomington (Bloomingfoods) and this one was like Bloomingfoods but bigger and with a lot more vegan stuff. I was so excited and went a little purchase-crazy. They have a fantastic bulk section as well as a bulk spices section, which I hadn't seen anywhere in LA yet. I don't want to buy a new bottle every time I run out of spices (and I run out of cinnamon a lot because I loooove it). I bought some St. John's Wort tea, some Zukay raw dressing, some garlic sauerkraut, some cultured veggies (it's like sauerkraut of broccoli, carrots, etc.), and yacon powder. I ran out of my beloved maca and decided to try yacon instead. I ended up putting it in some almond milk later that day and it is really tasty! It actually tastes a bit like cotton candy, which is crazy. I bought a few Larabars because they were only 99 cents each, which is quite a bit cheaper than Whole Foods. I don't eat Larabars very often but I like to have them for when I'm going somewhere. I also bought some raw vegan vitamins. I don't really take vitamins and I like getting my vitamins from food but every now and then I feel inspired and I want to make sure I'm getting my B12, etc. Plus, they were $10 off. I also needed some lotion, but I'd heard of people using coconut oil/butter as lotion and it was cheaper than the lotion so I decided to try it out. After putting it on today I have to say that it was a success. My skin feels very soft and I smell awesome!

Last night for dinner I had salad and zucchini pasta covered with my new cultured veggies.

I couldn't open my sauerkraut. I even have one of those rubber jar-opener thingies that always works but I seriously can't open it. I also realized once I got home that the "best-by" date was about a month ago. Crap! I don't know what happens to old sauerkraut and if that's part of the reason I can't open the jar. Maybe I'll just keep it around and go back next week and return it. I don't know...

Last night after dinner I watched Lost and V on my computer. ABC wasn't coming in on Tuesday for some reason (darn rabbit ears) so I had to wait. Both episodes were so good! I'm obsessed!

Today I woke up and worked out immediately. I did an hour-long Kundalini yoga video. It was interesting and definitely different from other yoga that I have done. It was fun, though, and I really like mixing up my workouts. I know that I enjoy exercise, but I get bored of any one type of exercise almost immediately. It's bad.

To eat today so far I've had several oranges, 1/3 of a cherimoya, some coffee (I went out and met someone for coffee), and one nori roll with asparagus and cultured veggies. I think tonight I'll have salad. YUM. I also went to Whole Foods and picked up 6 bottles of Kombucha. It's the most extravagant grocery item that I buy but it's soooo good and keeps me from snacking. Plus, they were on sale so I had to buy lots. The cranberry is my favorite, but I've also tried grape and guava and they're both good, too.

I saw a model/actress today at Whole Foods about 6 inches away from me (also buying Kombucha). Here's the thing about famous people -- they are definitely skinnier than you realize. All the famous women I've seen so far have been very, very thin. LA just has a different definition of thin. You know the skinny girls you know in the Midwest? Well, they wouldn't be skinny here. It's an interesting thing to get used to. And it's not like we don't have fat people in LA, but I would say there are definitely fewer. Maybe instead of 2/3 of the population being overweight it's 1/3.

Well, I'm off to go water my plants. Grow, babies, grow!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Farmers' Market Food Explosion

I bought so much freakin' food at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market today. I actually made a list:

Salad mix, chard, a cauliflower, a 5 pound bag of oranges (for 3 dollars, mind you - and these are gooood oranges), a fennel bulb, 3 baby artichokes, sugar snap peas, broccolini, apples, mint and basil, cherimoyas, an avocado, strawberries, asparagus, and walnuts. As if that wasn't enough, I went to Whole Foods afterwards, where I bought jungle peanuts, hemp seeds, grape tomatoes, flax seeds, cacao nibs, frozen berries and corn, kelp noodles, zucchini, umeboshi plum paste, dry lentils, tamarind pods, a yellow pepper, oat groats, spelt berries, and coconut water. SO much food.

I was pretty excited to see the raw jungle peanuts, which were a new addition to our bulk section. I just heard of these for the first time this week -- apparently they are the only kind of peanut that is safe and tasty to eat raw (aflatoxin free). They are red, but I tried a couple and they taste just like peanuts! Here's a picture:

So, as far as what I've eaten the past couple days -- yesterday I was out and about all day so I had to bring food with me. I brought some zucchini and apple chips (just sliced and dehydrated), "breaded" mushrooms, and zucchini hummus with yellow pepper slices and a cucumber. My breaded mushrooms were just portobello slices wetted with Braggs and rolled in ground flax seed and nutritional yeast and dehydrated. They were delicious.

For dinner last night and tonight I had salad with avocado, tomato, and lots of sauerkraut. I bought a jar of sauerkraut a couple of weeks ago and now it's just about gone and I need more! I have read about making your own sauerkraut, but that requires a week or so of fermentation and I am not about to inflict that upon my roommate.

Tonight I started to make a Pad Thai with kelp noodle recipe from Russell James. I made a sauce and am marinating the kelp noodles in it overnight. One ingredient is tamarind, and I bought whole tamarind pods at WF today. They look pretty crazy when you crack them open:

The avocado I had on my salad today is called a Pinkerton. I only ate about a slice of it so there is plenty left over. It's fascinating to see the different kinds of avocados available at the farmers' markets here in LA. I bought a different kind today but I can't remember what it's called. They are both supposed to be less oily than Hass, and that was definitely true for the Pinkerton. But it was super delicious!

Tomorrow I'm going to my Cardio Barre class and to a German meetup in the evening -- kind of a Kaffeestunde. I'm excited!

In giveaway news, Lil' Earth Muffin is giving away Funky Monkey snacks!
Yum yum.

Today I will leave you with a picture of my mom and me petting a parrot. :)