About Me

Actress, writer, language enthusiast, ray of sunshine.

I'm an actress, living in LA, pursuing health and happiness... hence the blog name.  I've been vegan for over two years - I read The China Study, stopped eating animals the next day, and never looked back.  I've had a passion for health for as long as I can remember, and my diet philosophy pretty much consists of lots of veggies.

I do have an acting website, which you can check out at erikaheidewald.com, and I'm on IMDb.  But I mostly try to keep this blog focused on the non-acting parts of my life.

I talk about my family quite a bit, even though they live far away.  My mom, step-dad, and brother live in Indiana, while my dad, step-mom, and baby brother live in Kansas.

That's my step-mom, me, Mom, step-dad, brother, baby brother, and Dad.  We were dressed up in 70's clothes for my rollerskating birthday, don't judge. ;)

Here are a few blog posts that might help you get to know me better:

Seven Facts about Me
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And my bio on my website:

Please feel free to write to me at hao.aijia@hotmail.com (that's my Chinese name, BTW) - I'd love to hear from you.  You can also follow me on Twitter @erikaheidewald.


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