Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Tumblr and Xmas Holiday

Hey everybody! I hope your winter holidays were super holiday and not as much winter. I left LA on the 21st and I'm not getting back until the 7th so this has been a pretty long trip for me.

I've got some news! I started a Tumblr blog: erikaheidewald.tumblr.com. I realized that I needed more of an outlet for the things I'm most interested in now, which don't necessarily fit on this blog. Comedy is such a huge passion of mine and I've loved really getting into Twitter over the last few months. So my interests and what I want to blog about have changed. That doesn't mean that I WON'T write on here anymore -- but obviously, I've been posting on here less frequently. So if you're interested, check out the new Tumblr blog and if you're not, I'll still be back here when I want to write about something health-related. And just a little warning -- the Tumblr is definitely my comedy blog. So don't take it seriously. =)

I've also gotten into Instagram! I got an iPhone for my birthday and Instagram is a fun way to share pictures. If you're on, look me up! (@erikaheidewald)

Here are some highlights from my Christmas vacation.

Baby brother singing me happy birthday. First photo with my iPhone!

Baby bro and me

I thought it was so funny to balance this teacup on my head and take a picture. I may have been a bit delirious from a bunch of family time.

My birthday!

Skeeball birthday

Armwrestling my brother

I lost and I look super sad and Derek won and he looks evilly gleeful

My stepdad was inaugurated as a City Councilman!

Me, my best friend, and my brother at my stepdad's inauguration party. After this photo was taken both boys immediately asked, "How creepy did I look?" and were pleased with the results.

I hope your holidays were wonderful! And if you're wondering what I've learned over the past few weeks in the Midwest, check out this post on my Tumblr blog. =)


  1. I hope you don't abandon the blog altogether!

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