Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gas Station Saves Your Life/Eternal Soul? And other news

Whatuuup everyone!

I saw this at a gas station the other day and thought it was hilarious.
I just love the idea that anyone would see a sign at a gas station and be like, " OMG! You're right! I gotta go change my life!"

And look, this truck has a DRAGON coming out of it!!

I worked a lot (interned, actually, but I hate that word because it makes me think of internal medicine, which is obviously a good thing, but not accurate to what I do) over the Thanksgiving holiday because I didn't go out of town. One day I bought this at Gelsons:

It's a MOJO bar! MOJO! It was pretty good. The chocolate almond coconut or whatever flavor is the best. It tastes like seven layer bars, which I haven't eaten since eighth grade when I went to my aunt's house and ate seventeen of them in a day (or something like that) and officially disgusted all of my family members. But they are so tasty.

I made some killer smoothies.

A Clementine Julius -- a bunch of clementines, some almond milk, a little Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, some stevia, and some frozen mango. I left it a little chunky, which sounds gross, but it was straight-up awesome.

Cranberries and bananas (?) and Sunwarrior and stevia? Lots of fresh cranberries. They are good for you and your urinary tract! I love a good, healthy urinary tract.

I made a bunch of salad, as is de rigeur in my party mansion. I made a weird dressing out of tofu and nutritional yeast and random stuff that I didn't love but oh well whatever. I also discovered that cucumbers are a little bit icky in large quantities.

This is what I ate for dinner tonight:

A few Trader Joe's meatless meatballs microwaved for a minute, covered in BBQ sauce, and mashed with raw spinach. The spinach gets a little wilty, but not too wilty. This might sound disgusting but it was GREAT. I like my food green and probably a little gross-looking.

Oh, I had a great dinner at Tender Greens last night -- the Happy Vegan Salad -- but I was not alone so I didn't take pictures of it. But it was beautiful and delicious.

I had a really good week with some career news I will share soon. And tomorrow I am getting photos taken of me RAPPING! I'm seriously excited about this. I have been practicing my rapping skills for days in anticipation and I am going to bring it.