Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Some sharp words from a friend of mine at the Tweetup last night convinced me to finally update my blog! I'm sorry I've been away. I've missed you. I've been so incredibly busy. The biggest reason is that I got a new job! I'm producing a movie that's in pre-production. That's about all I can say right now but I will say that it's very exciting and also a lot of work. Yayayayy for work!

I mentioned in my last post that my sister was born, but I didn't have any pictures. Here she is in her newborn glory:

She's actually kinda cute, huh?

There's baby brother on his 2nd birthday, my stepmom, and new baby sister.

I'm still doing lots of improv. I graduated 301. Here's my class before our graduation show:

I'm on the top left. We were supposedly posing like a winning baseball team with our teacher posing as our giant trophy, but it looks more like we took him hostage.

I'm starting 401 in a week! Can't wait! I'm also on four indie teams, so I'm doing improv almost every day. That's called obsession, folks.

MORE big news... I'm moving. Not out of LA! Don't get crazy! But I am moving apartments and I'm going to live by myself. I found a studio in Franklin Village that I like and I applied for, but I haven't heard yet whether I got it or not. Yarr the suspense! If anyone follows me on Twitter, you've seen how boring my tweets have been for the last couple weeks, as they have mostly revolved around how cranky apartment hunting makes me.

And on the health front, I've been feeling a bit sluggish lately. I haven't had time for long workouts and I've missed them. The minute I get a free day I am going on a long, long walk. And stretching. I've been squeezing in some weight lifting and a little cardio almost every day, but not what I need. It's so tough to exercise enough when you are working constantly and out of the house!

I've attended a few nice functions lately so I have some pictures for Fashion Friday. I've been a bit overwhelmed lately but I still luv you. SEE YOU THEN.

Link of the Day (Month?):
http://improvnonsense.tumblr.com/post/9550302595/better-conversations SUPER interesting post about how improv makes you a better conversationalist, and also makes you less tolerant of conversations with non-improvisers. Not just appealing to the improv obsessed, however, it's also just a great observation of some flaws in many people's communication styles. Want an example? The first point is called "PEOPLE TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT AND DO NOT LISTEN." So true, right?

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  1. Thanks for the great post, Erika, and the super funny tweets. So glad to see your blog updated. And I am happy that so much is going well for you!!