Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sleepytimes Bonanza

On Saturday I had my second 301 improv class. I love going to class even though sometimes our scenes are total failures. To understand this next anecdote, all you need to know is that the basis of good improv is "yes, and." (Agree with and add to the premise) After one particularly crappy scene, our teacher said, "That was about 110% 'no' and 300% 'but.'" So it wasn't just exactly the opposite of what we were supposed to be doing, but the opposite times three. I personally found that hilarious instead of discouraging -- and that's what class is for!

I also had an audition on Saturday and then my friend had a party. Here's a couple pictures -

On Sunday I went to Crashbar (the indie improv show) with a few of my friends and then stuck around for a couple hours afterwards discussing politics and religion in the parking lot. I can't help myself... you get me started and shit gets serious.

Today I had Power Group at The Actors Network and went to UCB for a couple evening shows. And I ate a ton of salad like this:

I've been obsessed with this combination for the last couple days -- arugula, pineapple salsa, mustard, seaweed, and wasabi peas.

I don't usually talk about really personal stuff or lady issues on the blog, but I had a conversation with my friend that was just too funny not to share. I told my friend that I wasn't feeling well. When he asked why, I said, "Woman problems." I thought that was pretty well-established code for "I have cramps." Apparently my friend didn't realize that lady problems = period, so he said, "Woman problems? Like what, crabs?" As far as I know, crabs don't discriminate. And no, I do not have them. In related news, though, I'm taking provera this week and it is making me sleep like an ogre. Seriously I have about five hours of usable energy every day and I'm sleeping fifteen hours a night and napping. I can't wait to feel normal again! At least I have interesting dreams. Except in my dream a few nights ago, Patton Oswalt was mean to me and I don't know why!


  1. Boy did you ever say the magic word...wasabi peas! YUM! And whenever I'm cramping, I usually go with the oh-so-tactful "my uterus is falling out." Sheer class, all the way, haha.

  2. I know, wasabi peas are amazing! And yes, "my uterus is falling out" is about the most frightening and classy way to put it. I usually just say I'm hemorrhaging out my insides.