Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quantum Leap NYC

I'm still super sleepy so I gotta knock off this post before I pass out. Today I did manage to do several productive things, so I was super proud of myself. I worked out, made salad, wrote back a fan e-mail from a month ago, and paid my dentist bill. Oh hells yeah. I also really missed Phil Hartman today, kind of randomly. I'm not sure why he popped in my head.

I talked to my mom on the phone! She and my step-dad are in NYC teaching. She sent me a couple pictures from their trip to the vegan restaurant Quantum Leap, which she raved about.

My mom's quinoa veggie bowl:

And my stepdad with his macrobiotic plate:

I ate some pretty tasty fare today. Smoothie for breakfast had kale, romaine, strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen mango, spirulina, and Sun Warrior protein.

Yeah, I'm using gum as a coaster.

Lunch was broccoli with Trader Joe's split pea soup and an unpictured small red potato with kale and nutritional yeast.

Dinner salad:
Spinach, fresh basil, red bell pepper, seaweed, pineapple salsa, dijon mustard, and onion flakes. Unpictured seitan on the side and almond milk for dessert.

Time to watch NewsRadio for about 37 seconds before I fall asleep.

Recommendation of the day: An amazing interview series with character actors where they're asked about random roles throughout their careers. Is awesome.


  1. Hope you catch up on your rest!

    The food all looks super delish :)

  2. Thanks! I am back to normal now after several days of sleeping 16 hours a day :)