Thursday, August 18, 2011

Organic Grill East NYC and One Crazy Old Guy

After a week of sleeping 16 hours a day, I'm ALIVE! It's been a busy week. Let's see -- I've been to several improv shows this week, a film festival awards ceremony, a short film premiere, my first parking ticket citation hearing (totally not my fault, but it remains to be seen whether the city of West Hollywood agrees with me), and FIVE auditions. Yay!

My mom and stepdad are still in NYC. Mom raved about the brunch at the Organic Grill East in the East Village and wrote a short review! Here it is:

White bean and crimini casserole.

The "Indecisive Plate" featured two blueberry buckwheat pancakes, soy sausage or tempeh bacon, and a hearty veggie tofu scramble. We added a side of steamed dark greens. Our best meal so far in NYC - healthy, tasty, and filling. Cost under $30. Highly recommended!

Aaand I'm back. My food recently has been more boring but still delicious.

I surreptitiously ate this salad at Whole Foods yesterday (I brought it from home) after a meeting with my producer. Spinach, red peppers, onions, raw corn, TJ's chickenless strips, garbanzo beans, pineapple salsa, mustard, and muscat orange champagne vinegar. Delicious and kept me going all evening.

Brunch this morning was also on the go -- I had a morning audition and ate this afterwards. It's almost the same salad but it has arugula.

When I got home around 3 I had lunch/brunch part II - more salad, but this had arugula and spinach, corn and bean salsa, and dried onion flakes. That may sound weird but they're my new favorite crunchy salad topping. I also had some fruit salad but I didn't take a picture of it.

I saw a dialect coach at The Actors Network this afternoon and as I was walking to my car afterwards I saw an old guy speeding along amidst traffic on Fairfax on his motor scooter.

I sprinted after him to try and get a closer picture!

He was going super fast! Crazy. I hope he made it safely.

Tonight I have an amaaazing audition that I'm really looking forward to (second audition of the day!) and I have another audition tomorrow. So excited.

Aaaand I'm off like an old guy on a Rascal.


  1. 5 Auditions!! That's awesome :)

    Boring food is often the best in my world!
    The old guy speeding along is so funny---I always worry just a little bit about those things in traffic. On my drive to work (through the countryside), I encounter an old guy on one of those things...I don't know what's funnier, seeing it in the city in traffic or seeing it out on a country road!

  2. Thanks! It is pretty funny to think of a scooter on a country road, too. I knew somebody in middle school whose grandpa came to pick her up on a riding lawnmower!

  3. Sometimes you just can't beat a huge yummy salad bowl from Whole Foods!

  4. Ha that was actually a salad I made at home and brought to Whole Foods. That's why I was eating it sneakily.