Friday, August 5, 2011

An Apology Filming

We filmed An Apology last weekend! We had a few little emergencies, like our zombies not showing up on Saturday, but everything worked out and I think the final project will be fantastic.

Our 2nd AD had to fill in as a zombie:

Our leading lady and me, before she got her makeup done:

The writer and me:

Behind the scenes:

Our leading man with his shotgun:

It was a lonnnng day. I woke up at 7:30, had to drive an hour to set and arrive by 9:30. I didn't leave until after midnight and then I had to give three people rides home! Totally worth it but still exhausting.

I brought a smoothie for breakfast with fruit salad leftovers and greens.

All of this...
... went into this...

And I had vegan chili for lunch. I love it when I get well taken care of on set. =)

On Monday I went on a multi-hour chopping spree and saw UCB shows in the evening. On Tuesday and Wednesday involved other random acting and living activities, like completely re-doing my website. On Thursday I interned for a commercial casting office from 9-6:30. Like a real workday!

Tomorrow I have an audition and improv class and now I'm off to do more website work!

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