Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ORANGE shirt!

I got a callback for that commercial audition last Thursday! I did it this morning, and it went fine. We pretty much did the same thing as the first audition, but for a bigger audience.

On Friday I ran callbacks but as I was parallel parking my tire grazed the curb and I heard this "SHHHHHHH" sound. I said DEAR GOD tell me that isn't what I thought it was. But it was.

I'm pointing at the large hole in my tire. =( Luckily a couple people helped me change my tire and then I had to get a new one the next day.

Other weekend activities -- we had a cookout at our house on Saturday night, I went to a UCB sketch show at midnight, and then two more shows last night. And three tonight...

In other news, I bought a new shirt! It was on clearance at Target for $4.90. YES. I love it and it is bright orange and I love it.

Jeggings. They sound ridiculous but they are so convenient!

This is my bronze goddess look. HAHA. I'm kidding, that's just the kind of thing you read in magazines.

I love orange. It's such a fun summery color!

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