Friday, July 8, 2011

Classy Carrot Cake Rice Pudding

I made rice pudding! That is some classy shit, is it not?

I bought this rice mix from the Whole Foods bulk bin that had brown rice, wild rice... fun stuff.

This... to this.

Classy Carrot Cake Rice Pudding
2 cups rice
5 apples
5 carrots
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cloves

I cooked it normal styles with twice the amount of water, brought to a boil, simmered for about 40 minutes. Chopped apples and carrots, cooked with the rice. Then I processed it all in the food processor! Happy times!

Still looks like rice at this point.

Mixy mixy.

Boom. I sprinkled some oats on top because it looked terrible as just a big brown glop. But this stuff is crazy delicious, I promise. And I love the wild rice -- because it's chopped up in the food processor, it gives it a great texture akin to walnut crumbles. I also just love wild rice.

I didn't sweeten the whole recipe so I could just sweeten each serving at will and save stevia.

Added almond milk. SO good.

Later on I tried it with almond milk and a little Sunwarrior vanilla protein powder -- this was so good! You should totally make this recipe, because it's really easy, extremely variable, and extremely tasty.

My day was good. I Skyped with my mom in the morning and then spent most of my day running auditions for An Apology. It was sweaty work, on my feet all day in an un-airconditioned building. It was at least 90 degrees today, but I had fun despite what a hot day it was. I did sneak out to go to my commercial audition, which was just silly fun. They auditioned us in groups and we didn't have any lines so it was mostly about the look and not too much about talent. Then I ran back to finish the auditions for An Apology and we had our post-audition meeting to plan for callbacks tomorrow. It sure is incredible working on the other side. And I had one girl who was super bitchy to me while I was running the auditions. I told the producer and director about it and she is NOT getting a callback. You can't be a bitch to anyone in this business! It's friendly happy times all the time! Yippee!

Tonight I went to a UCB show, and it was awesome. Big surprise there. Tomorrow I am running callbacks for An Apology. Have a good start to your weekend!

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