Thursday, July 7, 2011

Carrot Tabbouleh

I was invited to another potluck last weekend -- my third in two weeks. Either my culinary reputation is stellar, or my friends are lazy. I brought quinoa salad to the last two potlucks so I mixed it up and made tabbouleh this time! It's not very traditional tabbouleh, as that would have more parsley and would use tomatoes, but I used carrots instead because I had a bunch of them. I also just ended up with more bulgur than parsley so I just went with it.

Simple Tabbouleh with Carrots
1 cup bulgur
1 bunch parsley
3 carrots
1 tbsp lemon juice

Cook bulgur like rice - twice as much water as bulgur, bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes or so until soft. Pull parsley off the stems and either chop finely with a knife or in a food processor - I used my processor for the parsley and carrots and it was so easy! Mix all ingredients together. Season as you wish, but feel free to keep it simple because parsley is so tasty.

Ta da!

I did some more cooking today! I'm surprised because I got so sick of cooking but then I've actually been making some stuff this week. I bought a couple rice mixes from the bulk section of Whole Foods yesterday. One of them I made into an amazing rice pudding, and I'll share the recipe tomorrow. I also made this rice and lentil mix. It had multiple types of interesting rice - brown, red, and wild?, as well as lentils.

Boiled with twice the amount of water, simmered for 40 minutes.

Seasoned with Braggs, ketchup, mustard, liquid smoke, miso, and nutritional yeast. Freaking delicious.

So tasty, reminded me of cheesy rice. I'll mix this with broccoli, too.

I've been going to a lot of indie improv shows -- there are three of them affiliated with LA, and they have an improv jam at the end that anyone can take part in. I went to one on Sunday, one last night, and one today. I had to leave early last night so I could go meet with my demo reel editor and edit (yay!). But today I stayed for the whole thing -- even though very few people stayed for the jam. In fact, there was only one person in the audience -- my roommate! =) It was still really fun, though, and I love getting that practice with really good improvisers. It's exciting.

Tomorrow I'm running auditions for the short film I'm line producing and I have my first commercial audition for a big company! It's exciting because if I booked a commercial like that I could make some nice money. But most people go on tons of commercial auditions before they book anything, so I'm just expecting to garner some good experience.

See you tomorrow for a kick-ass recipe!


  1. Mmmm...the tabbouleh and "cheesy rice" look so good!
    Good luck at your commercial audition!