Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Owwie Legs

Holy crap I am so sore today. I'm guessing it must have been the cheerleading jumps but seriously, my legs are not working right today. Even just attempting to sit on the toilet caused me to shout in pain (in a public restroom, no less. I am not responsible for other people's perceptions!)

Tonight I went to the LA Actors' Tweetup - I went through the professional photos and found one of me. I'm talking, what a surprise.

After that I went to a show at UCB. Once again, I'm full of surprises today.

I got something cool in the mail today --

My Bloomington DVD! Awesome picture, I know. But if you want to watch it, it's now available for rental on Netflix! A friend from college wrote on my Facebook wall today that she went to her local video store in Costa Rica, where she's in the Peace Corps, and found Bloomington on the shelf! Isn't that incredible!?

I watched Step Up 3 today while working out -- it's great workout inspiration! Everyone is in great shape and the dance scenes are wicked awesome.

Weights/strength: biceps, obliques
55 minutes bike
much-needed foam rolling

Food Diary:
1. Corn chowder with broccoli
2. Green smoothie
3. Edamame
4. Dr. Praeger's veggie burger
5. Corn chowder
6. Chocolate almond milk

I hope my legs feel more normal tomorrow!

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