Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Laughing Is Cardio, Right?

So busy!! I've been going to improv class during the day and shows at night and fitting all my other acting work and life in between. Cardio has been tough to fit in but at least I'm getting my weight workouts done. Wait... does laughing my ass off at improv class count as cardio?

Weights/strength: Biceps, triceps, deltoids
10 minutes bike
10 minutes dance

Weights/strength: hamstrings, quads, obliques
20 minutes dance

My butt was sore for a couple days after hiking up Runyon on Saturday. I took some pictures from the top to show you guys -

Hey wait, what's that over there?

It's the Hollywood sign!

Sorry for the bad pictures, I wasn't going to lug a camera up there with me and my Blackberry does not take very lovely photos.

I bought a foam roller off of Amazon and it arrived in the mail today. Now I need to figure out how to use it!

I also saw a snail climbing up the wall outside of my apartment. My roommate thought it was weird that I took a picture of him but he was so cute!

Question -- do you use a foam roller? Any suggestions on what the heck I should do with it?


  1. Adorable snail friend!! And I love the pics overlooking Hollywood. You do so many cool things. Laughing your ass off IS cardio, I say.

    Saw that you messaged Cindy. LMK what she says about Mexico. And I suggest you contact Jammie about the foam roller for advice from someone who uses one.

    I'm finishing the fence today and have my big neighborhood solar meeting at our house tonight. Let's try to talk tomorrow!

  2. I think laughing is definitely a form of cardio! And anything that makes you laugh is just plain least that's how I always feel :)

    We have lots of snails here...I hate when I step on them in the dark and they make that crunchy noise. ack!

    I would love to hike Runyon sometime! It's possible I'll be in LA in August...staying with my cousin, and she is totally not into any physical activity. Maybe I can meet up with you to do something fun like hike!

  3. Hello... I recently came across your blog and love it. I admire that you are totally plant based. After watching a show on Oprah about a vegan, I began to think alittle different about my eating. I was turned off that she eat a lot of processed "vegan food".
    I'm leaning towards a vegan diet, I'm down to just drinking cow milk (using a little in my morning oatmeal). Just a few you plan your meals? how after do you shop and how much do you buy? where to you get your meal ideas/recipes? My hubby would never consider vegan (although he did like my lentil and brown rice burritos) so I've been looking for simple meals for one.

  4. Jeanette - Cindy wrote me with a lot of ideas of what to do in Mexico, I'll fill you in soon!

    Lisa - I would LOVE to get together to hike Runyon the next time you're in LA! That would be cool!

    Anonymous - GREAT questions. I will devote a post to them soon.