Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bored of Food; New Line Producer Gig

It's weird, but I've been bored of food lately. Does that ever happen to you? It's not like I'm just bored of the food I usually eat, because I tried to think of what I really would want to eat -- anything -- and couldn't really think of anything. I went to Trader Joe's today with the full intention of grocery shopping and only walked out of there with a box of Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers. I looked at things I had thought about buying - hummus, edamame, salsa, sweet potatoes... and just didn't feel like it. Oh well, I'm sure a day full of veggie burgers and grapefruit (that's all I have right now, seriously) tomorrow will inspire me to go back to the grocery store and stock up.

Yesterday's workout:
50 minutes bike
Weights/strength: hamstrings, chest, back

Today's workout:
40 minute walk
10 minutes dance
10 minutes bike
Weights/strength: squats, glutes, quads

Today's food:
1. 2 steamed sweet potatoes
2. Dr. Praeger's veggie burger
3. Broccoli and chickpeas w/ BBQ sauce and nutritional yeast
4. Another veggie burger
5. Miso soup (made with my Miso Easy), 1 sheet nori
6. Chocolate almond milk

I only have two days of my improv 201 classes left! Boohooooo! At least I will have plenty to keep me occupied in the next month -- I'm working as a line producer on the short zombie film An Apology. We have a Facebook page! This is the bio I wrote for myself:

MEET OUR LINE PRODUCER: When not working below the line, Erika Heidewald is an actress. Her feature film debut, Bloomington, is now on Netflix. And she has a fight scene, so you definitely want to watch it. Erika's hobbies include watching improv shows at UCB, learning languages, and filling the world with sunshine.

Writing bios for yourself is always weird.

By the way, I've been invited to a potluck on Friday. I've been to two potlucks in the last couple weeks and brought quinoa salad to both. Do you have any ideas for an easy vegan recipe I can make for this potluck? Please? Thanks! =)

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