Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Pirate's Life for Me!

I wanted to focus on my 8-week recap yesterday so I didn't talk much about what I did this weekend.

On Friday I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at 9:30 in the morning. That is definitely the earliest movie I have ever seen! I went as part of the internet TV show Movie Review Round Table, so you can see the review:

I hope you watch it and like it! I liked doing the review and I plan on taking part again in the future.

But I did more this weekend than think about pirates. Though I spent plenty of time daydreaming about Captain Jack.

Saturday was kind of a dumb and frustrating day but Sunday was fun. I went to the Studio City Farmers' Market with my new roommate. We saw pretty peas

and a super weird-looking orange.

Oh, and look what I saw when I was walking to Whole Foods!

Hugo's Tacos is now serving vegan soft serve. I haven't tried it but I know vegan soft serve can be a bit hard to come by so if you're interested and in the area, check it out!

On Sunday night I met Daniela from Tierfrei-Mampefen at Seed in Venice for dinner. I've blogged about Seed before -- it's very macrobiotic friendly, but all vegan. I got the SaiSai Donbury Macro Bowl, which has brown rice, black beans, sea veggies, sauerkaut, carrots, daikon radish, and kale with a miso dressing. Daniela is visiting LA from Germany and so we had a nice dinner, walk around Venice, and convo, half in German, half in English. She said she wants to come back next year and I hope she does!

Today I spent the day doing actor business. And then I skyped with my mom and brother! I love them. =)

On to today's diet and exercise --

Like I said yesterday, I want to start eating with a little more purpose, so one thing I'm going to do is try small, frequent meals, like most athletes and body builders do. I figure it might also help with my really high fiber intake. So from now on I'll just number my meals instead of calling them breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For my first day, it went very well. I felt great all day and didn't get any fiber-induced tummyaches.

Food Diary:
1. 1 serving seitan
2. 1 cup corn chowder with broccoli slaw and cauliflower
3. Pumpkin with vanilla protein powder
4. 1 serving seitan
5. A few bites leftover rice and beans with broccoli
6. Chocolate almond milk

55 minutes bike
10 minutes shadowboxing
Weights/strength: quads, squats, plies, triceps, deltoids

Tomorrow I'm starting my improv classes at UCB. I'm taking the intensive, so I'll have class from 11-2 Tuesday through Friday for the next two weeks. I hope it's fun!

Pirate-Themed Links of the Day:
Our Movie Review Round Table review of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (if you didn't watch it above)

A very negative review of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 from Collider. It contrasts starkly with our review, but it's very opinionated and I can't say I disagree with most of the points he makes, even though I enjoyed the movie.

5 Things Captain Jack Taught Me about Fashion and Makeup from Beautifully Invisible. I love this post making the case for Jack Sparrow, fashion icon!

Did you see the latest Pirates movie? If so, did you like it? Are you a fan of the first three?

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  1. Die hard Pilates of the Carribeam fan!May 30, 2011 at 1:43 AM

    I want to watch the video of your movie review but I haven't seen Pilates 4 yet and don't want to hear any spoilers!!