Thursday, May 26, 2011

Improv Class!

I started my intensive at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade)! I'll be taking improv classes there from 11-2, Tuesday through Friday for the next two weeks. My first two days have been really fun and enjoyable. I like my teacher and I'm impressed with the program and how they're easing us into it, with each lesson building on the previous one, expanding our skills instead of just throwing us into a situation and having us fail until we get it.

I've been waking up and doing my strength exercises in the morning and coming home and doing my cardio after class. So far that's been working well!

Last night I went to a friend's house to watch the season finale of Glee. They sent me home with some guacamole, hummus, and the last of a bag of pita chips, so I ate some of those today. I don't really think they're healthy but as a rare indulgence they are super tasty! Then when I got home my internet wasn't working, which is why I didn't post last night. Stupid Time Warner Cable.

Weights/strength: obliques, hamstrings, biceps
20 minutes dance
25 minutes bike

Food Diary:
1) 1 serving seitan
2) 1 cup corn chowder with broccoli slaw and cauliflower
3) Pumpkin with protein powder
4) Raw broccoli and carrots with hummus and guacamole, 1 serving pita chips

Weights/strength: inner and outer thighs
30 minutes dance
20 minutes bike

Food Diary:
1) Leftover rice and beans from Sunday's dinner (SaiSai Donburi Macro Bowl from Seed) with lettuce and hummus
2) 1 serving pita chips (the last, thank God)
3) pumpkin with protein powder
4) 1 small potato mashed with kale and nutritional yeast
5) Big salad with lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and hummus
6) Chocolate almond milk

Today was not my favorite day of eating. I know that hummus and guacamole have "healthy" fats but any kind of higher-fat foods really don't feel good in my tummy and I remember why I avoid them. I know a lot of people eat veggies and then add calories through higher-fat foods but that just is not a good plan for me. I feel a lot better if I eat my higher-calorie foods in the form of low-fat protein.

I also realized when I was going through my pictures that I have a couple pictures from when I was on set a couple weeks ago that I hadn't posted yet.

This is the salad I constructed for myself from a very vegan-unfriendly lunch -- lettuce, carrots, salsa, and mustard.

And my friend and me on set.

Tomorrow I have improv class again and in the evening I'm going to an industry party! Hopefully it will be fun!


  1. The improv class sounds like a great experience and lots of fun!

    You are really doing great with the workouts and balanced meals. I agree with you on the fat thing---too much guac or chickpeas might have healthy contents but they hurt my gut!

  2. Yeah, it really is fun. I laugh so much that sometimes I can't believe this is part of my job.

    Thanks so much. You are always so encouraging and it makes me feel really good about myself! :)