Friday, May 6, 2011

Hugo's Pancakes

This morning I met two actor friends at Hugo's. Hugo's has two locations and even though I live right by the Valley location, I'd never been! It's an omni restaurant with tons of vegan options and vegan specials. My vegan actress friend raved about their pancakes and oh yes, we were all impressed.

We split an order of the pancakes three ways. I just had half a pancake because I wasn't really hungry. My appetite doesn't really get going until several hours after I wake up. I haven't had a pancake in years but we were all impressed, even my friend who had never knowingly eaten a vegan meal in his life. You'd never know Hugo's pancakes were vegan, and gluten-free, to boot!

Sorry for the world's worst picture quality.

Closeup so you can attempt to see how darn fluffy these things were:

My other (non-vegan) friend also ordered an appetizer special of waffle cones stuffed with veggies and beans and guacamole. It just sounded fascinating. I had a bite and it was good!

What can I say, he's an actor.

I love strange food inventions.

We ended up staying at Hugo's for three hours just talking! Hugo's is definitely a nice restaurant with interesting food. It's not cheap, though -- one order of three pancakes was almost 12 dollars. But you get what you pay for! Plus, we saw several famous people, including two actresses from a smash hit TV show having lunch together. Sorry I won't say who they were, I don't like feeling like a paparazzo and broadcasting where people go to lunch. Pauly Shore (who I mentioned seeing last night) was my exception, because I am a hypocrite.

The rest of my day has been devoted to really fun things like laundry and acting research.

Food Diary:
Breakfast: 1/2 pancake
Lunch: Corn chowder/lentil soup mix
Snack: 1 serving edamame
Dinner: Corn chowder with broccoli slaw and broccoli; almond milk

Morning: 20 minutes bike
Evening: 40 minutes bike
Weights/strength: biceps, upper back, hamstrings, obliques

Tomorrow morning I'm going to see a premiere of my short film Big Shoes to Fill, and then my friend is having a party tomorrow night! I hope y'all have a great weekend!

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