Friday, May 13, 2011

Fashion Friday: 3 New Target Dresses

A surprising amount of my clothes come from Target. I get a lot of Target gift cards and I find a lot of great-looking clothes there. They also have tons of vegan shoes and bags! I recently got a nice gift card and went shopping for some dresses because it is HOT in Los Angeles and I've decided I hate pants. Oh, and I have great legs that the world needs to see.

I bought three dresses. For each one I took cell phone pictures and sent them to my mom to get her opinions. So I'll show you those pictures and then how I styled them!

1) The purple floral dress - $25

I love this dress. It's an easy, classic fit I can just throw on and I like the purple print. There were a lot of patterns and I had a hard time figuring out which one I liked the best!

I meant to get more pictures. Oh, well!

2) The bright red dress - $25

I love the color - it's brighter than you can tell. I usually detest ruffles but I like them on this dress.

Here's how I styled it for my trip to SAG:

Over-the knee socks - Target
Vegan motorcycle boots - Ikon & Co. - $40

Next up - a dress that didn't make the cut:

I liked the print on this dress and how lightweight it was, but it got a big fat no from my mom and the friend I was shopping with and that was enough for me. I think it could have been better if it were a few inches shorter.

3) The LBD - on clearance for $7!

I see a lot of options for this dress - it's very versatile.

It actually has straps:

But they're too long so I figured out I could tuck them in and make it a strapless. It's so fitted through the bodice that it stays up great and supports the boobies.

With my chucks and an awesome necklace.

With some friends at a party last night.

Happy Fashion Friday!

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  1. You look good without bangs in the bright red dress pic!!