Monday, May 16, 2011

Buff Up Week 7 Recap

Seven weeks of the buff up craziness (Here's my original post "Confession: I wanna get buff," and recaps for week 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and 6) and I'm rockin' a new accessory.

Yeah. I got a push-up-inflicted injury. How cool do I feel?

Haha, that's my foot in the picture!

There's this bump on my hand/wrist -

Gross. It hurts.

Besides that, everything's still the same. I'm still working out hard and feeling and looking about the same. I do need to get a gym membership, but obviously I'm going to wait for my wrist issue to resolve itself.

I am having a weird nutrition issue. I think I need to find a way to make my diet a little lower in fiber. My diet is SO high in fiber that sometimes I get tummy aches. But everything I like to eat is really high in fiber! Veggies, beans... veggies and beans... Out of curiosity I've been tracking my food the last few days. Yesterday I ate about 1500 calories and 90 grams of fiber. The day before that was more like 1300 cals and 72 grams of fiber. That is a LOT of fiber! Idk, any ideas? Halp!

So, that's my recap. Moving on.

Blogger had some stupid issues over the weekend. So if you missed it, check out my Fashion Friday post about shopping for dresses at Target:

And I mentioned that I joined SAG and got the proof of my book.

Here's my exercise for the past few days -

45 minutes bike
20 minute danceathon

35 minutes bike
Weights/strength: deltoids, triceps, obliques

50 minute walk
15 minute bike
Weights/strength: inner/outer thighs, glutes

And a lot of my food this weekend looked like this:

Broccoli, yellow split peas, cauliflower, broccoli slaw, repeat... Yum!

On Friday I went to a short film premiere and on Saturday I went to a party. I dressed a liiittle wacky, just because.

Today I spent the day doing agent/manager research. But tonight I did have some fun by watching Blade Runner while following the Twitter convo #movienighttweet, live-tweeted by Edward James Olmos. Twitter can be so fun!


  1. Ouch---the wrist bump looks painful!

    You have the opposite fiber problem compared to most people... I wonder if there's some way to keep your food intake the same and just add some more water and/or enzymes. Not sure on this one!

  2. I know, I really do have the opposite problem most people do! I'll just keep experimenting, and if I figure it out I'll report back!