Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buff Up Week 5 Recap

It's now been five weeks since I declared I wanted to GET BUFF.

I'll admit, last week was tough. I was out of the house a lot and then I had a very rough superfunladytime that left me too sick and exhausted to really work out and not really in the mood for vegetables (WTF, right?). But I think a big part of starting any new workout regimen or lifestyle change is keeping up with it when it gets tough, and I'm proud of myself for sticking it out. I'm feeling better now and got back to a grueling workout and lots of veggies today. I think my problem whenever I've tried to start something new, be it a diet or workout regimen, is losing motivation after a few weeks. So for me, just sticking with it and getting back to it after a few rough days is a victory in itself.

This weekend was good! I felt so crappy on Friday that I mostly laid around and watched TV (and blogged about my apathy towards marriage -- great comments on that post!), but on Saturday I worked as a PA (Production Assistant) on my friend's film and then caught a great comedy show with a friend at the ACME Comedy Theater. On Sunday I went to the Actors Network 20th Anniversary Party. I dressed up:

But while I was there I was distracted by the Osama bin Laden news. As a political obsessive, I couldn't focus on much else. I was the first one at the party to find out and I spent a good twenty minutes running around the party alerting everyone. But eventually I did manage to just party, network (I guess), and have a good time.

Today I woke up to some great news -- I booked that audition I had last Thursday! Actually, they want me to play a different role than I auditioned for, but that's totally cool with me. I'll be playing the best friend of the drug addict. It's shooting on Wednesday. Yippee!

Tonight I went to the Actors Network to see the director of She's the Man. Have you guys seen that movie? It has a cross-dressing Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum in one of his first movie roles. It's freaking hilarious.

Here's today's diet and exercise:

60 minutes bike
Strength/weights: Pull muscles - hamstrings, biceps, obliques, upper and lower back, inner thighs

Food Diary:
Breakfast: Spinach with hummus
Lunch: Veggie bowl
Snack: Dr. Praeger's veggie burger
Dinner: 2 veggie bowls, chocolate almond milk

Tomorrow: More awesome exercise, and maybe a little bit of clothes shopping ;)

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