Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fashion Friday: Susan Nichole Bags

Fashion Friday (on Saturday) tip: Vegan bag designer Susan Nichole is having an Earth Week sale, buy one get one FREE, that ends tomorrow (Sunday). Check that shit!

I like this one -- shiiiny!

Mmm, classy.

Sorry, I would have posted this yesterday but I've been focused on family time.

Tomorrow is my last day in Kansas. Boohoo. I think I'm going to go see Water for Elephants with my step-mom -- she read the book and gave it to me to read and I plowed through it in the last two days. It's a quick read and definitely enjoyable. I love historical fiction, there's nothing better than getting sucked into another time and learning and imagining what life was really like.

Good news -- my pulled muscle is feeling a little better. I'm still doing upper body and ab work and I am looking forward to getting back to cardio as soon as I feel it's safe.

Happy Easter, if you celebrate. If not, jolly Sunday.

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