Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nature Mart Soup Mixes; Sketch Comedy Filming

Today was my first day of filming for the Somebody's Basement Sketch Comedy Troupe! The sketch went GREAT! The audience laughed like crazy and I had tons of people come up to me afterwards and say how funny they thought it was. I'm so glad it turned out well. Doing comedy is always a little bit nerve-racking because you don't know if people will laugh so it feels so, so good when they do.

I started my day off with Skype and an interesting breakfast of lentil soup and broccoli slaw. I've written before about Nature Mart, my beloved bulk bin heaven, and their vegan corn chowder and curry lentil dry soup mixes. They're easy, delicious, super healthy, have no oil, and are low in sodium. Really I think they're superior in every way to canned soup. I fell in love and went back to Nature Mart recently and bought big bags of each.

I've been eating the soup regularly recently. Just add hot water, or add normal water and microwave!

Corn chowder mix: (Ingredients are yellow split peas, corn, carrots, onions, and spices)

The corn chowder:

Corn chowder with broccoli slaw:

With nutritional yeast and garlic powder added:

Today's breakfast, curry lentil soup with broccoli slaw:

After breakfast and Skype I got ready. Today's theme was pink, pigtails, and more pink!

The character is a high school freshman, doing laundry at home. So yoga pants just made sense.

Outfit details -
Pants: Nike, from Dick's Sporting Goods
Tanktop: No idea. Had it forever.
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Target

With another pink jacket, because I think shades of the same color go together. I like it.

Rings I got from the dentist's office as a kid, and black nail polish with pink sparkly nail polish layered over.

Pigtails, light makeup, bobby pins, Claire's earrings.

Link of the day:
http://chicvegan.com/the-jasmine-revolution-a-primer/ My second contribution for Chic Vegan is UP! It's an updated version of the blog post I wrote about Tunisia and Egypt a few weeks ago. Yay politics!


  1. That great that your sketch went great!

    I think I need a Nature Mart---I love that kind of stuff. A lot!

    Great outfit--I agree on the shades of pink going really well together :) Have an awesome day!

  2. That looks so delicious! Im glad you tried the broccoli slaw, I seriously eat it every day...and its pretty cheap too! Win :)

  3. Lisa: Nature Mart is pretty awesome. But I've seen the same stuff at some other stores, so I think any place with a good bulk section could carry it.

    Maryann: I do like it, and I think I will add it to soup from now on!