Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Indianlife Dal Mix

Thank you guys so much for your nice comments on my post yesterday!! I really appreciate your support.

I had another good day today, full of exercise. I went back to InYoga, which I reviewed a couple months ago, for the Community Flow class. It was a pretty fast-paced one-hour class, instead of the usual 90 minute classes. I liked that because my main problem with yoga is getting bored. The teacher, Tara, really mixed it up and kept me interested and challenged. She also played good music instead of the regular yoga hippie crap. So I liked it! It was a full-body workout and she also pushed to make it more cardio by having us do all these silent hops in different poses.

This afternoon I taped an audition for a feature film (it was requested) and did a bunch of acting administrative business. I also set up a visit to Kansas in a few weeks -- I'm going to see my dad, stepmom, and baby brother! Yay! I actually need to see my endocrinologist, which is why I'm going, but the family visit shall be nice. =)

My biceps are still sore from Sunday's workout, and my glutes and hamstrings are really sore from yesterday.


1 hour Community Flow yoga class at InYoga

50 minutes bike

Food Diary:
Breakfast: 1 Dr. Praeger's patty, coffee
Lunch: 1/3 cup lentil soup w/ broccoli slaw and broccoli
Snack: 1/2 serving edamame, 1/2 cup almond milk
Dinner: Salad with spinach, arugula, sprouts, sauerkraut, mustard, and Zukay Raw Sweet Onion Basil dressing
2 cups corn chowder (made very thick) with nutritional yeast and kelp powder
Snack: 1/3 cup oatmeal with flax seed

I've mentioned Dal Mix the last couple days (though I didn't have any today). I discovered it at Whole Foods last week and I love it. It's freaking delicious, with a nice spicy taste. And if you eat it piece by piece, it's easy to have a nice snack and keep portion size pretty small. I'm keeping some in my car for emergency food. And it's not expensive -- $3.50 per seven-serving bag. As far as health, it's not a superfood or anything, but it's a reasonable snack when you need some flave.

Chex Mix is for losers. Dal Mix is the jam!

Have you tried Dal Mix?

Do you get bored doing yoga? I really would like to do it more often but I always put it off because I know I'm going to get bored. I don't like being peaceful and relaxed!!! (Those exclamation points really hammered the point home, don't ya think?)

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