Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Friday: Putting Together an Outfit for Voyeur

Last night I went with a friend to a private industry party at the club Voyeur. Voyeur is one of Hollywood's "hottest" clubs right now, and it has a bondage theme. Yes. There are half-naked women dancing in very interesting ways and performing extremely strange silent skits. There's also a net suspended from the ceiling and they crawl over your head. It's weird but also pretty fun. I took several pictures of myself putting together my outfit and figured I'd feature it for Fashion Friday!

I started with a black velvet dress that I've owned as long as I can remember. I actually wore it to my grandpa's funeral when I was 7. It must have been pretty big then but it's pretty short now! On top I layered my black sequined Express T-shirt.

I was pretty sure I wanted to wear tights, but bare legs were an option.

Added purple tights.

Tried on some white shoes. This picture just made me laugh because I am standing like a linebacker.

Me = not ladylike.

I actually really liked the white shoes with this outfit, even though it's a bit weird, but I decided on the black ones because they're easier to dance and get crazy in.

Final outfit.

Add lots of makeup --

Can you see my Elvis poster?

Throw on my new Target jacket and head out.

Jacket: Target
Black velvet dress: Owned since I was a kid
T-shirt: Express
Shoes: SimplyVera Vera Wang (from Kohl's)
Tights: Gift from mommy
Headband: Target

These shoes are super comfortable and I never got blisters or even sore feet all night. I bought them a couple years ago and I really love that the SimplyVera line has low-priced, vegan shoes at a widespread retailer. I own a couple pairs of shoes from them.

I don't wear heels very often, and I would have worn this outfit with Converse. But I thought if I didn't have heels on I might not get in the door, even though we were on the list. Don't want to mess with a dress code! For a while I was dancing with these really tiny Hispanic girls and I felt like a giant, even though they were all wearing four-inch heels. Feeling tall is weird.

There were several celebrities there, who I won't name because that makes me feel like a creepy stalker. And there were a bunch of paparazzi outside, who talked to me as I left but I couldn't understand a word they were saying because my ears were ringing. I worry about hearing loss in the girls who work there! But it was a fun night and I got some insanely crazy dancing done. Always my favorite kind of workout. =)


  1. Last night sounds amazing. I can't wait to hear more! You looked lovely and trendy in your dance outfit -- thanks for posting!!

  2. Sounds like a fun time---and I love the outfit :)

    I always love dancing as a workout too....the sweatier the better!
    I also always worry about people's hearing too :)

  3. Dang, girl, I am SO jealous! I dont usually go out clubbing, but I think if I lived somewhere fabulous like LA I'd have to check out all the places. For the record, I like those black shoes with it - HOT!

  4. Dancing is my favorite workout. And I get crazy. I should post one of my embarrassingly sweaty pictures.

    And thanks for complimenting my outfit. I love nothing more.

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