Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Headshots

I had an audition today then drove across town to pick up the CD of pictures from my headshot session last Friday. Then I Skyped with my mom and went through the 130 pictures over and over, narrowing down and trying to pick a good one. Picking a headshot is really difficult because it's tempting to just find the prettiest picture of yourself, but that isn't what a headshot is all about. A headshot is a marketing tool, so you need a picture that looks like you and shows what type of characters you play. I play rebellious teenagers, so that's what I need to come across.

After looking at pictures of myself for so long, I feel like I have the dumbest face in the world. It's like I have an allergy to making normal facial expressions.

Here are a few that are front-runners:

And possibly commercial:

See? I'm a goob.

Here's my old headshot, for reference:

It's a lovely picture, but I was told that it made me look older and didn't show my personality, and that's why I took some others. But everyone has a different opinion and it's so hard to figure out what's right! I wish I could just use this picture instead:

Cuz iz funny.

Blaughh it's hard to look at pictures of yourself for so long and not think mean things about yourself. Does anyone else feel this way?

But I do have some GOOD NEWS! My brother is coming to visit me over spring break! He and his girlfriend are coming to LA for the first time and are going to stay with me. Yayyayayay!

Okey dokes, that's my boring, self-serving post for the day. Tomorrow I'm going to talk about a new condiment. =O hahahah I am easy to please.


  1. Seeing the few remaining choices, I pick #1 & 3. You have a beautiful face, Erika. And I love how expressive you are. Never do botox haha. I enjoyed time with you last night. Let's get together on skype again SOON!

  2. You didn't ask for an opinion but as someone who sees a bazillion headshots every day at work, I'm going to give you mine :) I like the last two headshots the best. The "commercial" one would work well for theatrical and your old one is such a great shot. I tend to assume that if you can't see teeth in the headshot then they are probably bad. But you have great teeth so don't be afraid to show them! Those are all great shots tho!

  3. Jeanette - Thanks for the input and I promise, I will never do botox =)

    Liz - Thank you very much for your feedback! I didn't ask for opinions but I like to get them anyway. I never really thought about the teeth thing.

  4. Great pics! I'm sure whichever ones you pick will be the perfect ones :)

    I'm sure it's hard to remain totally positive when you're scrutinizing yourself---at least you know that, so when you start to be mean to yourself, you know that anyone would be having those feelings in that situation!

    Great news that your bro is visiting! Have fun!

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself (although we all do it). You look great in all of them. I like the more commercial one the best, but to really show the type of character you tend to play, I'd go with photo #2.

  6. Yeah, I try not to be so hard on myself. But it is tempting. Thanks for the feedback, guys =)