Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gimme Your Sweet Hot Mustard Lovin'

Thanks for all the feedback on my new headshots. I'm going to try using this one for a while and see how it works:

Yesterday I had a very intense improv in acting class -- this other guy was playing my ex-boyfriend and I had to come over and tell him I was pregnant... but it might not be his! Dum dum dum. I got really stressed while doing the scene just because I was so into it and my teacher said that it was some of the best work he's seen me do.

Last night I had my first cast meeting for a new sketch comedy troupe based on the website It's going to be like the first few seasons of SNL (irreverent and raunchy) and I'm getting into the Screen Actors Guild because of it! Yay! If you're not familiar with the acting business, then you probably don't know much about the acting unions (and have no interest) but let's suffice to say, it's difficult to get in and I'm very excited to qualify.

After the meeting I went to the bar Three Clubs with everyone to get to know the cast. After the bar, I headed to the restaurant Kitchen 24 with a few guys from the troupe. I didn't get anything to eat but just hung out and talked. I haven't had many guy friends since I moved to LA, so it was fun to hang out with dudes. I've always been friends with lots of guys and generally enjoyed spending time with guys better. I also hung out with my brother a lot and I miss that!

But now, I promised you a condiment and I will live up to that. I love mustard. I love all kinds of mustard, and I always have. If you saw my dad's fridge, you'd know it's genetic -- he has at least ten kinds of mustard in there at all times. Averie posted a couple times about Ralphs Sweet Hot Mustard and I was intrigued, but unfortunately, most hot sweet mustard has honey in it. But when it caught my eye (on sale!) at Ralphs the other day, I checked it out and realized that it's totally vegan, and doesn't have high-fructose corn syrup, either.

This stuff is barely sweet but it is definitely hot. I love it.

The hottest mustard I ever had was in Ireland -- I got a sandwich in a bar with mustard on it and it was so spicy I actually cried a little. I told the waiter about it and he replied with a smile, "I know, it's lovely, isn't it?"

I ate some sprout salad with alfalfa sprouts, this mustard, and TJ's gyoza sauce. I also want to use it to make some sauce for zucchini pasta. Last night I used it on salad:

Butter lettuce, green hummus, sweet hot mustard, and salsa. (Don't worry, this isn't all I had for dinner -- I also had a veggie burger and spinach with nutritional yeast).

So, do you like mustard? Or are you a ketchup girl? BBQ lover? Don't like condiments? I love all of the above!

Do you tend to get along better with girls or guys? I've found that my friends have usually been guys or other girls who also get along with guys. There are a couple exceptions, though, and I wouldn't give up those lady friends for anything. =)


  1. omg i am sooo glad you tried it!

    and honestly, i didnt even check for the honey or HFCS factor. I was eating it for a decade before those things mattered that much to me and was gonna eat it one way or the other once i re-found it again :)

    glad you're enjoying!

    great headshots, too!

  2. Cute headshot! Omg I have always been a ketchup girl but I have been loving mustard lately...I need to try this kind! I think I get along better with girls :)

  3. Sounds like lots of great things are happening for you!
    I am definitely a condiment person---I like ketchup a lot, but other stuff too. Well...not so much bbq sauce.
    Hope you have a great weekend!