Monday, February 28, 2011

Disneyland, Vegan-Style

Sorry to miss a couple days of posting -- I was busy enjoying DISNEYLAND!

On Thursday morning I drove to Anaheim to meet my aunt, her husband, and my cousin for some Disney fun. We went to both parks - the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. We went on the rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror a few times in a row, getting a Fastpass as well as waiting in line.

Tower of Terror:

Our insane rollercoaster picture:

My cousin and I were making our constipated faces. After a while we just made silly faces for each picture.

For lunch on Thursday we went to the Italian restaurant and wine bar on the California Adventure side, where we all happened to get something vegan! My aunt and her husband ordered pasta with broccoli and my cousin got pasta with tomatoes. I got the vegetable salad, which came with lots of grilled veggies, including eggplant and zucchini, and I got the fig balsamic dressing on the side.

It was really delicious!

For dinner that night we ate at the Hyatt restaurant, and I got the veggie burger with onions, mushrooms, mustard, and BBQ sauce (didn't eat the bun) and veggie soup. I didn't take a picture but it was really good.

I spent the night at the hotel and then we went back to Disneyland on Friday. It was cold (in the 50's) and raining so the parks were not very crowded. For lunch I got the famous vegetarian gumbo (it's vegan, don't worry) sold at a little stand in the New Orleans section of the Magic Kingdom.

Oh my dear lord this was amazing. If you go to Disneyland, you MUST eat this. I didn't eat all the bread bowl but it was sourdough and really tasty. And the gumbo itself... wow. It was the kind of meal that made me happy all day long because I kept thinking, "Man, that was tasty!"

For dinner we ate at the hotel again, and I had pretty much the same meal as the night before, but with salad instead of soup.

Overall I was very impressed with Disneyland's vegan offerings. I ate very well, while still staying healthy. I also saw quite a bit of fresh fruit for sale at stands around the park. Yes, there's plenty of crap to be found, but I think Disneyland is making an effort to offer healthy and vegan food and it's very much appreciated.

I had a GREAT time at Disneyland. It was extremely fun. I've been to Disney World several times, and it is way bigger but Disneyland is nice and feels a little less overwhelming than Disney World can. It's a nice day trip for any LA residents (and we get a discount).

Have you been to Disneyland or Disney World? Do you think Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth? I might be convinced...


  1. gah looooove disney. love it. LOVE IT!
    can you tell i love it?!?

    always love knowing their veggie options. have heard good things about that gumbo!

  2. I love this post! I love Disneyland and it's great to know ahead of time what healthy food options there are. I have heard such good things about that vegetarian gumbo! Next time im there ill have to try it.

  3. Yayyy Disney lovers in the house!

    I was surprised at how easy it was to eat healthy and vegan there, and yes, the vegan gumbo is THAT good.

  4. You should come to Disneyland with me. You don't have to wait in any lines!

  5. Wait, why don't you have to wait in lines? That sounds good!

  6. I used to go to disneyland in the 90's :)

    But, since I'm on the east coast and my cousins who live in Cali are not in the area anymore...I've been to Disney world a lot more. Actually, my mom and I took my nephew last year, and we're contemplating it for this summer too. We love it---a lot.
    I'm SO impressed at the vegan options! The florida crowd must not have the same tastes....we had a really difficult time finding anything at all that was edible. My nephew was in heaven and ate pizza everyday. We found one place, Sanaa, at our resort that was great (animal kingdom lodge)...but that was it.

    So glad you had a great time! It's the happiest place on earth...and so much fun with family :)

  7. I last went to Disney World a couple years ago and there were not very many vegan or healthy items to be found. =( Hopefully they'll take some inspiration from Disneyland and improve their food options! But Disney World is really fun, and I love it, too.