Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dancing, Dinner with Relatives, Pacific Park

I had a busy weekend!

On Friday I Skyped with my mom for three hours (yes, really), went to acting class, saw an improv show with a friend, and then busted out the big jewelry for a night of really insane dancing. Before I left my apartment I took a photo with terrible terrible lighting -- I was in a hurry and just took a really quick picture. So I had fun in iPhoto, used every filter possible, and turned it into this:

I had multiple dance-offs and got insanely sweaty (and took off my long-sleeve shirt in the bathroom). I even had multiple people come up to me and tell me how much they liked my dancing. And even though I pretend it's because I have mad skills, I wasn't break-dancing or anything. Just being ridiculously confident (while completely sober BTW). Yes, this is a good reason why I'll be single forever and I sometimes embarrass the people around me, but at least it was fun.

On Saturday I helped a friend of mine cast a short film she wrote and is directing. Wow, what a great experience. It was fascinating to see the whole process from the other side and get to watch other actors audition. And I was amazed at how many people didn't fulfill their basic professional responsibilities -- bring your headshot and resume, be polite. I also saw that personality really matters. There was one guy who was a good actor, and he was playing a "bad guy," but he seemed like such an asshole in real life that we instantly knew we wouldn't want to work with him. I have a role in the film, shooting next Saturday, so I'll get to see how it all plays out.

After casting I drove out to Seed in Venice to meet my aunt, cousin, and aunt's new husband. I hadn't seen them in six years! It's crazy because my cousin went from an 8-year-old kid to a 14-year-old teenager. What a huge change that is. And I am pretty much the same person I was last time she saw me.

I've written about Seed one other time - it's a macrobiotic vegan restaurant. Last time I got the Saisai Donburi Macro Bowl with brown rice, kale, sea veggies, beans, and bean sprouts. This time I got the mango bowl, which I didn't take a picture of, so I'll just leave you with the picture from last time:

My dinner companions are not vegans but they really liked what they ordered. After dinner, we watched the movie Never Let Me Go in their hotel room. I will have to write about that movie soon because it was amazing, in a depressing sort of way.

Today I met up with them again in Santa Monica. We walked along the beach, enjoying the sunny day, and attempted to use the beach gym equipment.

My aunt is almost 48 and is in much better shape than I have ever been.

We also rode the roller coaster and "sea monster" ride in Pacific Park. It was touristy and super fun.

I was going to do the "ABC's of me" thing I've been seeing on some other blogs but this post has gotten so long that I'll just delay it until tomorrow.

Hope y'all had a good weekend.

Do you go out and dance? Do you try and look cute or do you let loose and embarrass your friends? I'm obviously in the latter camp. I was ecstatic when "Ice Ice Baby" came on and I got to bust out some 80's dance moves.

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