Monday, January 24, 2011

New Boots; Tropical Three-Fried Beans

Interesting response to the NuNaturals post. I realized, since I did a two posts in a row about specific companies, I'd like to make something clear - I get nothing out of this. I'm not writing ads. I do like to give back to those who give to me, so when I win something I'm likely to post about it, but I wouldn't ever say I like something that I don't.

I mentioned in my post on motorcycle boots that I ordered a pair. Well, they came in the mail! Here they are:

I'll get a better picture later. The company is Ikon & Co, which I couldn't find much info about. I bought them on the sample sale site Beyond the Rack. I wouldn't really recommend buying from them, though, because they have high shipping prices, take a long time to get to you, and charge you for shipping again if you need to return them, regardless of the reason. Shopping off of Amazon or Endless is much more consumer-friendly.

I went to Target yesterday to pick up some necessities and I fell in love with this faux leather jacket. I had a gift card and just couldn't resist.

Sexy, right? Sexy!

I made an interesting dish yesterday. Also known as weird, but it was good. I had a plantain

and a can of salsa-style low-fat refried beans.

Add some corn and artichoke hearts. I used frozen artichoke hearts but I would definitely say canned are tastier.

Brown 'em up.

And add beans.

It looks gross but there is NO way to make refried beans look good. No way. I called it Tropical Three-Fried Beans because I stir-fried refried beans. Heehee.

Serve in tortillas or over lettuce like taco salad.

Made a couple jars of leftovers.

These aren't my favorite refried beans - I like the Bearitos fat-free black refried beans best. But these were half the price. I think this would taste good with a bunch of spinach and some salsa, too.

Today I spent more time on the book, Skyped with Mom, and went to the LA Actors Tweetup. I wore my sweet new jacket and my new boots and looked pretty fly.

Do you like refried beans? I used to hate them with a fiery burning passion. I hated all beans, and refried beans were the worst. And they look like poo. But now I like them, though I only ever eat the fat-free kind, which really aren't fried at all.


  1. I love refried beans so much. I tend to make my own - totally inauthentic, but real Mexican food is extremely hard to come by in rural England! That's why I loved visiting California so much.

    I fry half a teaspoon each of cumin, paprika and chilli flakes in oil, then add a can of whatever beans I have (including the liquid), and half a can of water. I leave it to simmer until there's hardly any liquid left, then mash it up. As you say - not remotely pretty, but so tasty!

    I'm still undecided on plantain... I used to live in a big Caribbean area, and while I can eat goat curry and rice and peas until the cows come home, I still can't get my head around the sweet and savoury!

  2. I never thought of making your own refried beans! Thanks for the recipe, it sounds good.

    I know what you mean about plantain... that sweet/savory mix would disgust my mom haha.

  3. Love the boots...and the jacket! I like refried beans, but I rarely eat them.
    I once fried a was ok, but it was a lot of work and really starchy...haven't had one since, but I didn't hate it!

  4. I really love refried beans. I always get non-fat. I have never seen the one that you got from Trader Joes though! What does salsa style mean?? I totally want to try it...

  5. Lisa: Thanks! I was feeling pretty hot!

    Maryann: I love them, too. I think they're called salsa style because they had some peppers and tomatoes in them.