Sunday, January 2, 2011

Man Food

Here's a quick, man- and omni-friendly recipe that has no vegetables and isn't very healthy. Ha! You don't see many of those on my blog! We made this as a quick lunch while at my dad's house.

Mac 'n Sausage

1) Boil pasta.
2) Cut up vegan Italian sausages, brown in pan.
3) Add jar of tomato sauce, heat.
4) Add macaroni to sauce and sausages.
5) Cover with daiya.
6) Get yourself a salad, too.

A couple random things -

I tried one of these a couple weeks ago:

I liked it! It tastes kind of like apple cider, and not like vinegar. You'll probably like it if you like kombucha. And it was about a full dollar cheaper than a bottle of kombucha.

Also, I took a picture of myself before heading out on NYE. Both the shirt and the jeans were birthday presents from my mom! I got to pick them out at Plato's Closet, though. =) I think I've written of my love for Plato's Closet before -- I love second-hand clothes! The shirt still had the tags on and the jeans are True Religion, which are prohibitively expensive new.

Thanks, mom!

I spent today cooking and writing thank-you cards. So I have some ideas for blog posts, yay! I love having ideas.

Do you write thank-you cards? My mom always insisted on it and now I'm very glad I'm in the habit.


  1. That definitely does look and sound like Man Food! But I'm sure it's really good for women too (I love Daiya!).

    I tried that bragg's drink a while ago and I did like it, but I think I'm still more of a kombucha fan.

    Plato's closet is great, and we also have Goodwill stores here that can have some good stuff (but you really have to dig!). I found a pair of Seven Jeans for $8!


  2. Haha yes my mom and I quite enjoyed it, too. I was kind of kidding about the "man food" thing. ;) But I think if Hungry Man made a vegan frozen meal, this would be it!