Monday, January 24, 2011

I Discovered a Mythical Creature!

... Stevia that doesn't taste bad!

Okay, I didn't discover it. Averie did. I won her NuNaturals Stevia giveaway a couple weeks ago, and my prize came in the mail this weekend! I received liquid vanilla-flavored stevia, stevia powder packets, and baking blend that you can use like sugar.

Verrry potent liquid drops.

They also sent me a bunch of recipes using stevia.

And some articles.

So far, I've tried the drops and the packets. I performed the ultimate taste test by trying them in my coffee and was elated to find that they taste great! I've tried several brands of stevia and they always tasted off, to the point that I couldn't enjoy my coffee. And that's the entire reason I drink it. But I guess brand really does matter when it comes to stevia, because both the liquid and the powder packets tasted great in my coffee. Yay!

I spent most of my weekend fervently working on my book. I can't even tell you how many hours I spent on it - maybe thirty? I got SO much done. It's all formatted and I did one last edit that took about 12 hours. Almost all of my photos are added, minus a couple that I have to get from Mom because I don't have any copies of them on my computer. I also did research looking for potential reviewers to contribute a blurb for the back cover. And I got to do a little bit of gazing down memory lane:

I just snapped this photo of one page in the photo album my mom made for me when I graduated high school. These are all pictures from when we lived in Germany. Up at the top left is my mom, me, and my dad in his Army uniform.

I did still manage to work out and get outside this weekend, and I took a trip to Target today that I'll feature tomorrow. Aaand the boots I ordered came in the mail. So I have a couple fun things to show you this week. =)

Do you like stevia? What sweetener do you use in your coffee, if any? I confess, I've been a pink and blue packets kind of girl, but I've been won over to stevia now. I wish I was cool enough to drink my coffee black... but I'm not. Oh, well.


  1. So glad you got the stevia and love it! And yes, other brands do taste off to me as well...but not nunaturals. It's my go-to :)

  2. I learned to go sugar free to nothing in my coffee but a bit of cream. I don't mind the taste of stevia but I know many who find it offensive (ironically a bit chemical tasting).
    Cool blog!

  3. My honest thoughts? I figure if you don't like something without sweetener added, you just don't like it. Why eat something you don't like?

    I really struggle to accept any branded food as genuinely healthy.

  4. Averie - Yes, thanks again!

    Cupcake - That's what I thought - chemically tasting. Thanks for reading!

    Becca - Interesting take, and I totally see your point on the "branded food" thing. I agree that it's not the healthiest choice, I talked about this before in my "resolutions" post where I said the things I know aren't healthy and yet I plan to continue doing them anyway. The only point of yours I don't agree with is the "you don't like it" thing. I just don't think that's true, because I am capable of using my taste buds to figure out what I enjoy. A little bit of sweetener and almond milk used in really dark coffee becomes a beverage that I really, really enjoy - it works together and transforms into something amazing. It's not a flavor I'm trying to cover up by any means.

  5. nunaturals is the only stevia brand i can use. luckily they hook me up with lots of it!

  6. So many bloggers are giving away nunaturals and I keep entering but haven't won yet!! Totally want to try it. I use truvia in my coffee, I have never tried actual stevia though.

  7. Lynn - That's awesome!

    Maryann - I never enjoyed Truvia, I think this tastes better.

  8. I looooooooove stevia. It's so awesome now that there are brands that don't have that weird aftertaste. I first tried it sometime around 2001, and it was so weird and gross then (but I still used it occasionally). They've all come a long way since then!!!