Friday, January 14, 2011

Fashion Friday: Motorcycle Boots

I've been really wanting a cool pair of flat vegan boots with some buckles and a tough look. I do own two pairs of vegan boots - one black, one gray - but they're both heels. Heels are awesome, but I love the look of motorcycle boots and especially how they can change an outfit, including making a dress or skirt more casual. It can be hard to find cute vegan boots, though, and I'm always afraid they'll look like rain boots. Nothing is worse than trying to be Sons of Anarchy-tough and ending up just looking ready for a rainy day in the schoolyard. So today I'm spotlighting several pairs of vegan boots that I like!

1) Olsen Haus. I've talked about Olsen Haus before so you know that they are my favorite shoe company. Their shoes are well-made and have a real style and point of view. I love these Resistance boots.

Badass, right? And also out of my price range at $260. They're a new style so I couldn't find them on sale anywhere.

2) Cri de Coeur Charisma boot.

$150. Jesse.anne.o also mentioned recently that she's saving up money for these!

3)Kensie Girl.

These are definitely attention-grabbing! They're normally $110 but they're on sale for $82.50 on Endless.

4) Wanted Women's Queen Lace-Up Boot

Very tough-looking, and these only come up about halfway up the calf. In the $50 range depending on availability and size. They also have a thin layer of fake fur inside.

5) Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Motorized Knee-High Boot

I think these are beautiful and I'm really surprised they're vegan. But they are! They're normally $130 but they're on sale for $69.99 on Endless. I probably would have bought them but I couldn't find my size.

6) Volatile Women's Clyde Knee-High Boot

Don't these look so cool?! I love the zipper. And they're on sale for $35 on Endless, down from $80. The only reason I didn't get these is some reviews said the ankle and shaft were really wide, and I hate that because I have fairly thin calves. But maybe these would be a good choice if you have problems finding boots that are wide enough around the calf.

7) Wanted Women's Prague Boot

A shorter style for a different look. I keep seeing girls all over LA with boots like these and I love them. My friend Lauren has a similar pair and wears them out to clubs with dresses and totally pulls it off. Right now they're $30, down from $70 on Endless.

And now... two more pairs of Olsen Haus boots that aren't motorcycle at all but make such a statement I had to feature them!

8) OlsenHaus Women's Sweden Over-the-Knee Boot

These just knock you the fuck out, don't they? Not for the faint of heart. But imagine them with black tights or leggings and a long black top/short black dress... holy crap, on-lookers would be passing out in the street. They're on sale for $205 on Endless, down from $360.

9) OlsenHaus Women's Hariett Boot

When even your boots need jewelry. These are also available in brown or black but this color really demands attention. $198 on Endless, down from $360.

And after alllll that research... I didn't buy any of these boots. I bought a different pair that I found on a one-day Beyond the Rack sale and as soon as I get them in I will blog about them, I promise!

Where to look for boots: - Mass shoe retailer. You can look by brand once you start finding ones with consistent vegan options, like those featured above. This is where I got my Olsen Haus shoes on major sale! - Vegan shoes, though some are dowdy.

Alternative Outfitters - Ditto. But they have more than shoes.

There are more, but those are ones I can think of off the top of my head.

If you're looking for clothes, I have a SUPER AWESOME offer for you. Melissa of Ecolissa contacted me and offered 20% off for my blog readers! So go to and use the coupon code vegan20. There's no expiration date. And then you can buy lovely vegan and eco-friendly clothing items like this:

Cute organic cotton pencil skirt with pockets, on sale for $54.99, down from $74. Use your 20% off coupon code, and it's around $44. Yes, guys, I do math in my head. If only my math classes in school let me use numbers like 44ish. I know this skirt is professional but I think it would look awesome with one of the pairs of boots featured above, too.

You can shop by category, designer, or material. So if you just love bamboo, there's an option for you. Melissa just started this site in September 2010, so it's still pretty new. I think it's great to support small businesses that sell vegan and eco-friendly items. Vote with your dollar, y'all.


On to ME. I had a workshop with a casting director tonight and I have another one on Sunday afternoon (with the associate CD of Pretty Little Liars. Guiltypleasureyesss). I have THREE auditions coming up - one Friday, one Saturday, and one on Tuesday. In the audition on Friday I'm playing an Egyptian girl. Let's see if I can pull off Middle Eastern, hmm? I'm also going to a three-hour Repetition class beforehand... that should be interesting.

Love you all. Thanks for reading. It's been a good week.

Tell me - do you have any vegan boot or shoe recommendations? I'd love to discover new brands to fall in love with!
What do you think of these motorcycle boots? Your style, or do you like something more feminine, with a heel, less leather-looking?


  1. I would definitely get the Kensie Girl boots! The style is so different and so cool!
    I love motorcycle boots :)

    Indiana University?!?! That's my hometown!
    Go HOOSIERS!!!!!

    Good luck in your auditions girl~~

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Cri de Coeur in your list! Great job with the blog ;)
    ~ Gina @

  3. I am not familiar with vegan brands, I do think motorcycle boots are cute though! The first one is my favorite.

  4. Amy - That's my hometown, too! Lived there from second grade until last year :)

    Gina - You're welcome, I love your shoes!

    Maryann - Yeah, I love the first one. I bet in a year or so they'll be on a good sale, I just can't wait that long!

  5. Thanks for the boot rec's and good luck on your auditions!
    I love the motorcycle boots...I'm into the ones sans laces and stuff like that.
    I do adore heels...but this style is way more practical for my life.

  6. Lisa - I feel the same way. Heels look amazing, but flats are so much easier. And I have a low tolerance for foot pain :)

  7. I have the hardest time finding vegan boots I like but this season I totally scored. I'm gonna do a write up soon about my boots but my best find were the Kallista boots at target. I where them every day!

  8. That first pair is The Sex. Just sayin'. I like boots with a few straps for sexiness but a heel for femininity.

  9. Liz - I have some shoes I got from Target that I love, too! They're my blue sparkle shoes :)

    Faith - I know, they are hott!

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