Friday, January 21, 2011

Fashion Friday: Industria Designs Handbag

I am so excited about my Fashion Friday post today! Incidentally - I feel like I just wrote a Fashion Friday post. Time sure is flying by.

My day was very productive - I worked out, went grocery shopping, did laundry (and hung it outside to dry), studied lines for my callback tomorrow, worked for several hours on formatting my book for self-publishing like I talked about yesterday, and I did a little photo shoot with my new favorite purse!

Yeah, this one.

A little backstory -- the fabrication shop my best friend works for in Bloomington, Indiana has decided to expand their business and they recently started making purses designed by a local woman named Lucia Bennett. They offered to send me one for free if I would talk about it and hand out business cards. Well it turns out I don't even need to try and talk about this purse - it's a conversation piece, plain and simple. The first second I had this purse it got a comment. I opened the box, carried the bag out of my room into the living room, and my roommate's friend said "I need to touch your purse."

I had no idea what it was going to look like so I'm so glad that I love it! Check it out:

It's made out of aluminum, copper rivets, and rubber. And because it's a small company, they'll customize the design for you.

Something else I like - right on the website it's called the VEGAN Industrial Chic Aluminum and Rubber Handbag. I love that they not only use the word vegan but put it in all caps!

Signed on the inside by the designer.

Here are the reasons you should buy this bag:
1) It's designed and made in small-town America.
2) You won't have the same handbag as anyone else you see - it's so unique.
3) It's vegan, duh.
4) It will instantly make any outfit more interesting.
5) It's a great length - carry it on your arm or over the shoulder.
5) It just looks crazy cool.

The Etsy store is here:

I definitely encourage you guys to check it out.


  1. I love that bag, Erika! And for all the reasons you said -- Made in America, unique and fashionable, and VEGAN. Plus waterproof!! I'm planning to get the larger version to carry my work stuff. Great conversation starter!

    You should get your blog on Vegan Blog Tracker:

    And lovely LA sky in the background!

  2. How cute! I love it---I'm definitely going to check it out. I also love supporting small businesses...and not just the big manufacturers!

  3. Very cute and unique! Good luck on your call back tomorrow!