Monday, January 17, 2011

Easy Food for a Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend!

On Friday I went to my acting class, Nature Mart Bulk Bin, and then the audition where I played an Egyptian girl. It went really well and it turns out the director had seen another short film I did and that's why she called me in. Which also means she knew what I looked like already, so I didn't worry my headshot had somehow mislead her that I look more Arab than I really do! Because I was out all day I brought some snacks with me. That's the red pepper eggplant dip I bought from Trader Joe's last week.

At Nature Mart I refilled my Dr. Bronner's soap and I bought a couple dry soup mixes, mostly out of curiosity.

On Saturday I had a fairly important audition. I wore a skirt to celebrate the warm weather:

Tan shirt with little birds on it I've had forever, $6 Plato's Closet skirt, my sparkly Converse, and tights Mom gave me for my birthday.

I try not to think about my auditions too much afterward, because I have no control over what happens and I'll probably never hear anything. So to distract myself I went on a walk in the 80 degree weather and then went to Buffalo Exchange to look at clothes. I found some vegan Cri de Coeur booties for 15 DOLLARS (normally 200 or something). I tried them on:

But they were too small so I didn't get them. (And yes, that is my fabulous Matt & Nat vegan bag on the floor)

On Saturday night we had a little party at our apartment. It was fun! My roommate brought out a new tablecloth and placemats for the occasion.

I've lived with her for a year and she still brings out placemats I've never seen. I have no idea how many she owns!

On Sunday I had a casting director workshop, Skyped with my mom, then watched the Golden Globes with my friends. My fave vegan celebrities Natalie Portman and Olivia Wilde looked amazing!

Today I spent most of the day at the LA County Museum of Art - it was free today!

That's me in the sculpture garden. I'm wearing a $6 skirt I got at Plato's Closet, a simple cami I've had forever, a Target cardi, hand-me-down Guess purse from my mom, hand-me-down sandals from my step-grandma, and hand-me-down jewelry from my grandma. Seriously, check out this jewelry.

Isn't it so cool? I love it!

Food all weekend was healthy and simple.

Broccoli, roasted for 20 minutes at 400.

Salad mix with a shredded carrot, roasted beets and parsnips, edamame, mustard, and fat-free balsamic.

I tried both of the soup mixes I bought. They are SO easy - add an equal amount of water to soup mix, microwave for one minute. I don't remember the exact nutrition facts but I remember they were both pretty low-calorie, very low fat, and had a great ingredient list of dried veggies, beans, TVP, and spices.

The corn chowder had a great flavor and really seemed creamy! Totally vegan, of course.

Curry lentil soup. I didn't detect much curry but I always enjoy lentil soup and this one was good, too. Honestly I couldn't tell that these soups came from dry mixes and I would definitely buy them again for a 1-minute meal that's ready in a jif.

Tonight I tutored an actor friend of mine, helping with her American accent. I studied World Languages and linguistics in college and I'm kind of an accent expert. So I'll consider that my good deed for MLK Day. =)

Link: I read this article about how young is too young in the fashion industry and where the line is between art and (child) pornography. Warning - I found some of it really disturbing.

By the way, I don't know if you noticed, but I changed the blog around a little and added an About Me page and a Blogs I Read page. I mostly did it to clean up the blog a bit and use my space better, reduce the clutter.

What did you do this weekend? Any highlights? Did you celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day today?


  1. Healthy and simple food is the best.

    I had a pretty relaxing weekend and had today off. I guess the highlight would be a hike and some shopping...nothing too crazy!

  2. lol i just saw this:

    "I've lived with her for a year and she still brings out placemats I've never seen. I have no idea how many she owns!"

    oh erika, i like to keep you guessing. unfortunately you have now officially seen everything placemat i own. :(

  3. Ahahahah Laura. You are funny.

  4. Mm, red pepper eggplant dip? How have I missed that! Must go hunting next time I'm at Trader Joe's.

  5. Love your outfits! I need to get better at putting pieces together---when I try doing it I look like a bag lady :)

    I'm gonna go browse around your revised stuff on the blog!

  6. Hannah - It's really good! I posted about it a couple days ago.

    Lisa - Thank you! I think I've started dressing more interestingly (not a word, whatever) since I moved to LA. It's fun!