Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Roots, Bar-Hopping, and High School Friends

I went bar-hopping with my mom last night. But let's back-track a little. First I accompanied my friend Christmas shopping. I tried on this hat at Urban Outfitters and felt very hipster.

Then I tried to use the 3D video games at Best Buy. The glasses are huge!

My friend figured it out.

Then for dinner, I went with my family to my faaaaavorite Bloomington restaurant, Roots! Roots is Bloomington's only all-vegetarian restaurant (though I did see a salmon dish on their specials yesterday but I've never seen fish there before and I hope they aren't going that direction!). It's not easy to get vegan food in Indiana but at Roots, they know what vegan means. Just don't let them give you honey mustard, because some of them don't seem to realize that honey isn't vegan.

We got a Mediterranean Sampler for an appetizer - veggies, pita, thick hummus, baba ghanoush, tasty falafel, and olives. There was also some feta that obviously I did not eat.

I got the garden wrap for my entree. It's actually an appetizer but I love it. It's rice paper wrappers stuffed with veggies, greens, and apples, with a plum sauce to dip.

I also got a side of veggies, because somehow, Roots makes the best grilled veggies ever.

There was so much food that I got to take some of it home for lunch today!

My mom got a grilled veggie and hummus sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. Roots likes their sandwiches gigantic. And the fries are really, really good.

They offer both vegan and non-vegan tzaziki, so just ask.

Roots has a whole Thai menu, and my step-dad got Pad Kee Mao on spice level 5 out of 5. It was pretty spicy and delicious.

I didn't take a picture of my brother's meal because it wasn't vegan but he got a sandwich and a tropical smoothie. He loves the smoothies at Roots and always gets one.

So, next time you're in the vicinity of Bloomington, go to Roots (and Bloomingfoods).

After dinner my mom and I met a couple of her work friends at a bar.

I did not take either of these shots, I just posed with them.

Then I met up with some friends at another bar and saw about half the people I went to high school with. It was so weird! It was kind of cool, but only because it was a novelty. I wouldn't actually want to see them all on a regular basis.

The girl on the left has been my best friend since I was 12! She lives and goes to college in St. Louis now and is planning on moving to London or New York after graduation. Ahh, it's hard being separated from the people you love.

Me making a stupid face, nothing new.

Today I hung out with that same friend all day until 5:30 when I went with some friends and my brother to see True Grit. It was good! Definitely a Coen Brothers movie. If you have seen their movies, then you'll know what I mean.

Tomorrow is Christmas shopping! Yep, we shop late. Whatevaz.

How do you feel when you run into high school people? Are you still friends with your high school buddies? I thought it was weird, but interesting. I really only keep up with a couple of people from high school, and obviously I don't hang out with anyone regularly because I live very far away!

Also, please check out my last post and answer my questions about how you celebrate holidays with your family! I'd love to hear some other people's answers!


  1. That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your day. Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks! It was fun seeing old friends. A little weird, too!

  3. Meeting friends from the past - especially high school buds - should be fun, once in a while! It'll make things like catching up more interesting. And they will make stuff more awesom, like chilling at the bar well into the night. The thing is that you still don't forget them and you'd still have fun by the time you get into the next bar.