Friday, December 31, 2010

Rollerskating Karaoke Birthday!

My birthday was so much fun! First, we all went rollerskating. None of us had been rollerskating in about a decade so it was quite an adventure but we all survived.

That's my step-mom, me, my mom, my step-dad, my brother, my baby brother, and my dad. I declared a 70's theme so my step-mom, mom, and dad were all wearing my dad's high school T-shirts and my step-dad shaved his beard retro style (not just for my birthday, but for a retro NYE party tonight, too).

Oh, what a blast. And I think I've never laughed harder than when my mom tried to spin with me in the middle. I am NOT that good of a rollerskater!

Afterwards we went to Local Burger for dinner and got salad! I wrote about them before here.

Yes, my ideal birthday dinner is salad.

Then we came home for cake. My mom found one slice of vegan carrot cake at the store, and that was it. So carrot cake it was!

I opened presents.

I'll show you some later, maybe next Fashion Friday. ;)

Then we finished the night with tequila shots (gross), margaritas, and hours of karaoke until we were hoarse.

This was definitely a good birthday.

I'm heading back to Los Angeles tonight. It's really sad to say goodbye to family, and it kind of feels like leaving all over again.

Have a great New Years Eve tonight! I'm going to a couple of little parties and out to a bar with some friends. Do you have any plans? Going out, or staying in?


  1. Tequila shots are def nasty. If I have to shoot straight liquor, Crown is the way to go!

    I'm heading to a bar tonight...I'm so glad because until last night I thought I was going to be going home! YAY no granny NYE with my grandpa!!!

  2. happy bday
    happy new yrs
    and happy 2011, all in one!!!

    have a blast out tonite, where ever you end up and i love the pics in this post :) too cute!

  3. Ah roller skating= so fun! The salad looks yummy!

  4. Faith - I'm just terrible at doing shots in general, I must admit. But it was funny to be pressured by my parents! Glad you got to go out, hope you had fun!

    Averie - Thank you!! Happy New Year to you, too!

    Maryann - It really was fun. If you haven't been in a while, you should go!