Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Friday: Olsen Haus

Today for Fashion Friday I'm featuring my favorite shoe company - Olsen Haus!

Olsen Haus makes beautiful, fashionable, well-made shoes. Oh yeah, and they're all vegan. These are the shoes fashionable vegans should wear to parties and famous vegans should wear on the red carpet. They're not cheap, running about $200-$300 depending on the style. I lusted after the Paris shoe for months, looking on Ebay and sale sites for months until there was a freak sale on Amazon and I managed to get a pair for about $50. It was magic.

Aren't they beautiful? I love how they're a perfect classic black pump, except for the glittery heel!

I won't lie, these shoes aren't exactly comfortable. But they don't give me blisters anywhere and they aren't uncomfortable. But you're never going to find four-inch heels that feel like tennis shoes and that's just how it is. For what they are, these shoes are quite wearable and they never rub at my heels, which is a big problem for me with the cheap Charlotte Russe shoes I have.

Check out the website or look on to check out some of the other incredible styles and recognize that vegan shoes can be super sexy!

Mini Movie Reviews
Zombieland: This is exactly what it purports to be - an over-the-top zombie comedy, with lots and lots of blood. And Woody Harrelson is kind of adorable in it.

From Here to Eternity: A classic film, telling the story of army men and the women they love at Pearl Harbor in the days before the Dec. 7th attack. The classic romantic beach make-out scene is a bit overrated but the very last scene is awesome.

La Vie en Rose: Marion Cotillard won an Oscar for her role as French singer Edith Piaf. She is amazing and I have a much better appreciation for Piaf's music now. The movie is a bit too long but in general, I would recommend it.

Manhattan: Gena over at Choosing Raw raved about this movie but I have to admit, I didn't really care for it. If you're a Woody Allen fan, you'll like it. I thought it was pretty boring and none of the characters are particularly likeable.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I'll share a new almond milk bargain and a couple pictures that gloat about the great weather in LA. Hint: it was 78 degrees out today. Ahhhh =)

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