Sunday, December 12, 2010

85 Degree Weather in December!

It has been 75-85 degrees out for the past several days. AMAZING. I've been spending as much time outside as possible. On Friday I went for a hike in Griffith park with one of my friends.

Today I spent more than five hours outside, reading and studying Italian and Arabic. This was my day -

Look how much my plants have grown? There's a mystery plant that started growing a few weeks ago. It's on the right:

There's little berry-type things -

Does anyone know what that plant is? I have no idea!

My other plants are growing a lot, too!

I just hate that the sun goes down at 4:45!

I recently bought a new kind of almond milk at Trader Joe's - and it's refrigerated and $3! By the way, in most places you can recycle the refrigerated boxes if you tear out the plastic spout.

The nutrition facts are very similar to Almond Breeze but the flavor is slightly different. It tasted less sweet to me and more vanilla-y. Putting it in my coffee reminded me of Silk vanilla soy creamer. And it has a great thick consistency, not watery.

Mini Movie Reviews:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: It's really good! The acting is great and the story is engaging. Some parts are brutal, though, so be prepared. I'm looking forward to watching the next two installments.

Funny Girl: Barbra Streisand's star-making movie musical. I liked it, though I wouldn't say the music was great. But Barbra is cute, Omar Sharif is pretty hot, and I loved seeing the evolution of their relationship over time.

Network: I watched this with some friends last night and I was blown away! This movie is outrageous and nothing like what I expected. I figured a movie about a TV network from the 70's would be more serious and boring, but this movie is crazy and hilarious. Watch it!

Links: Really interesting article about the potential pro-anorexia messages of Black Swan and the praise being lauded upon Natalie Portman for her discipline in not eating and exercising for hours a day.
NeuAura shoes are on sale, 50% off!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

I'm going to Indiana, taking the red-eye tomorrow night. So the next time you hear from me, I'll be freezing my ass off!


  1. Haha! It is really funny, I watched the exact same movies the last days too. Netflix instant watch? :-) Have fun in Indiana, I hope though that the weather in LA stays warm and nice!

  2. I'm thinking of getting netflix for my hubby as a christmas gift. You've reminded me!

    I grew up in Griffith Park but did not hike enough back then.

    Cool that you study not one but two languages!

    Eek, I think that plant might be a weed but I'm not sure. Looks like you're growing cilantro- ymmy!

  3. Ahh, fun hike! I'd love the be in Cali right now...if only for the trader joes ;) Our weather is similar here in FL but it's threatening to get colder - YUCK!

  4. How cool that you are studying languages...I am curious why you chose Arabic?

    Talk about going to extremes...I hope you have a fantastic time in Indiana despite the freezing weather! And if it's any consolation it was 20 degrees cooler today than it was on Sunday.

  5. GreekMelie - Oh yeah, I'm obsessed with Netflix Instant Watch!

    Deb - I actually study a lot more than two languages. I think I studied eight in college. I'm weird. :) And it's too bad that's a weed. I'll let it grow, anyway. It has such a will to live, because my plants are on the roof so I don't know how anything else got up there!

    Faith - I'll admit, TJ's is pretty awesome.

    Ameena - I picked Arabic because it's beautiful and different and seemed like a good challenge. Plus, I'd really like to travel in the Middle East.