Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Salsa + Hummus and Sun-Dried Tomato Chips!

I had a crazy craving for hummus mixed with salsa yesterday, so I got some provisions and ate this weird/delicious snack.

That's hummus and salsa but instead of chips I used sun-dried tomatoes!! YUM!! It sounds crazy but really, it's good. I'd love to eat this again but make some zucchini chips in the dehydrator. If you made the hummus and salsa yourself, this could easily be a raw snack.

That eggplant hummus has about half the calories and fat of most hummus because it doesn't have any oil. And that salsa is freaking delicious and together they are da bomb.

This morning I brewed up some of this new coffee I bought at TJ's the other day:

Except first I had to really struggle to get it open because the pop top came off and I had to stab it with a knife and get really violent.

This coffee was good but I'm not sure that I like it any more than the other kinds I buy. I don't even know what makes it espresso. For being such a coffee monster I am surprisingly ignorant about coffee.

In other news, I voted today! I walked about 20 minutes to and from my polling place and it was quite easy and painless. And luckily it seems that Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown are going to win. Unfortunately, Prop 19 looks dead and that sucks.

It also sucks that people are impatient and don't look at the big picture. People ask - what has Obama done? Has he changed anything? Well what kind of miracles were these people expecting? I'll tell you a couple very important things I'm grateful to Obama for:
1) The recession could have been SO much worse. We'll never know what kind of disaster was averted.
2) Obama made health care reform happen even though it was politically costly and still imperfect. But I am super grateful because I'm now able to be back on my parents' health care insurance until I'm 26 which alleviates one of the biggest stresses of my year. So for me at least, that was huge.

And all of that was done while the Republicans stood for nothing but obstructionism. They couldn't stand to see Obama succeed in any way so they focused on fighting against him instead of working together for the good of the country. And now with an even more sharply divided Congress, Washington will get even less done. It's kind of exhausting and depressing to think about.

Did you vote? Are you happy with the election outcome?
And have you ever eaten plain sun-dried tomatoes? Or do you think I am crazy?

Today's Link:
http://www.choosingraw.com/the-lure-of-juice-fasting/ I totally agree with Gena's position on juice fasting and I think her comparison of the "high" of juice fasting with the anorexic mindset is very important.


  1. I voted yesterday, too. And while I want to support Obama, this change thing is coming too slowly! How come after a full two years he hasn't solved the pop top problem? You shouldn't have to stab violently at your coffee to get it open! Why are ketchup bottles still impossible to open, too, with their tiny shrink wrapped tops?

    Obama's been in office for two years and can't seem to fix this major issue, focusing instead on easy problems like health care, two wars, the financial crisis, banking scandals, climate change, immigration, and unemployment. It's a good thing we have so many smart folks out there in our country to vote for angry people who will cut taxes for the wealthy and prevent regulation for the financial industry and remove health care benefits for our young and entrepreneurial citizens.

    Makes me want a big snack of sun dried tomatoes, too.

  2. I voted! I support Obama, although I wish he would be a bit gutsier around LGBT stuff, especially when he could easily put a moratorium on DADT while the Supreme Court hears it. But I support him overall and think he is a methodical guy. Unfortunately we're a country of cowboys who want someone to come in, guns a-blazing, and make quick policy with short term benefits but long term consequences.

    Btw, I tried the TJ's winter blend coffee you featured on a grocery shopping trip. O in my mouth. It's on my list for the next shopping trip!

    I loved Gena's psot of juice fasting. She is so open and dead on about many things.

  3. Jeanette: Whoa. Whoa. Lay off the cheekiness and DON'T tease me!!

    Queerveganrunner: I 100% agree. I am frustrated and disappointed by Obama when it comes to LGBT issues and I cannot wait for DADT to be repealed.