Monday, November 22, 2010

On-Set Eats

I had a great and busy weekend working on Big Shoes to Fill. It's a short film where I play a girl encouraging her brother to tell our parents that instead of being a lawyer, he wants to be a clown. Here's a picture of my on-screen family.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all 12-hour filming days. But that doesn't mean I was only there for twelve hours! For example, Sunday I woke up at 7 to work out, get ready, and drive to set, call time was 9 AM, and we wrapped at 9:30. All the crew was still there when I left at 10:30. So, long days.

We did have catering and craft services, but of course a lot of it was unhealthy and/or not vegan. But with a mix of catering and my own food, I managed to feed myself and stay pretty healthy.

Friday I brought a big jar of roasted brussels sprouts with me and ate those as a snack. For lunch they bought me a salad with tofu from Whole Foods. For dinner (at 10 PM) when I got home I ate something I bought at the Santa Monica Co-Op on Wednesday when it was on sale for $2:

It was good! Simple, but tasty - mushrooms and potatoes with a lightly spicy sauce.

On Saturday I ate a kale salad and some unpictured seitan for lunch.

The kale salad was oil-free and very tasty. For dinner they bought me an oil-free pasta dish from Whole Foods with rice noodles and veggies.

On Sunday I brought some seitan and this roasted beet, apple, and fennel salad:

I ate that for lunch and was definitely glad I had it. They ordered pizza for lunch and had a veggie pizza, one half without cheese, but it was gross so I just ate the veggie toppings off of it. For dinner they had Subway sandwiches but none of them were cheese-free so I just had broccoli with hummus and then a baked potato when I got home.

Aaaand that's a wrap! I definitely ate more prepared food than usual, but I was glad I managed to stay healthy and eat veggies instead of eating chips and Rice Krispies Treats like the rest of the crew.


How do you manage to eat healthy when you're really busy and away from home all day?


  1. Wowza, busy schedule! Awesome goodies, though. I totally would have done some work on those WF salads - look YUMMY!

  2. Cute concept for a short film. As a law student, I sometimes feel like I'm secretly in clown college.

    I stay healthy on the go by packing irresistible healthy snacks before I leave the house. If I have a snack I'm really excited for I'm less likely to eat crap.

  3. Faith - They were yummy. And what made it better is that I had a WF gift card so I didn't even have to pay for them :)

    Katherine - So true! That's why I love brussels sprouts. I actually enjoy them more than anything unhealthy that may cross my path.

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