Monday, October 18, 2010

New Shoes, Odds and Ends

My Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies were a huge hit! One of my friends actually said they were the best cookies she had ever eaten. Not kidding.

My weekend was fun! I had a callback on Saturday morning - I'm one of two girls still in the running, so we'll see. Then I partied hardy for about 12 hours. And then I felt like crap on Sunday! That's when you repeat, "You're only young once" over and over. But I did end up with these sweet-ass 2 AM Sharpie tats.

That's a tiger fighting a dragon one on arm and a pegleg pirate on the other.

I had an audition on Sunday and then napped a lot and today I had another audition and then I went to Target.

I haven't cooked any meals lately so I'm just going to share random things I've bought!

First up, TJ's was selling entire branches of brussels sprouts. Sooo I had to buy one.


Oh yeah, and look how well my plants are doing (they're a month old now)! They're growing great and I added a basil plant to the family.

I went to Target under the auspices of buying more Target-brand Crystal Light (yums) and I bought a few other things, as well.

I finally found the Key Lime Pie gum! I don't know if it tastes like the pie because I've never tried it, but it does taste exactly like the key lime pie yogurt I ate as a kid.

I needed some more eyeliner so I bought this from elf. The best part of elf is that they're super cheap (1-3 bucks) and they're very upfront about not testing on animals.

My aunt sent me a little fun money in the mail and I haven't bought anything I didn't need in a really long time so I got a few things just for fun!!

In this picture you can see my new headband, sunglasses, and blue sequin shoes. All man-made materials, yo! And did I mention blue sequins!? =)

Have you bought anything fun recently?


  1. Oh wow, I love the look -- the headband, tatoos, sunglasses, sequined shoes, plus the I'm-too-cool-for-you FACE. Very nice LA look, Erika haha. Great news about your plants -- gotta kill a few before you know what you're doing, I guess. I'll bet your Aunt F is getting a big fat TY from you, yes? She's so cool to think of you!! TTY soon!!

  2. make the tattoos REAL!!!! yes, do it :) I waited til I was 17 to get my 1st tattoo, then had a smattering more from ages 18-22, then another big one at 25. And my sleeve at 34. Worth it, love it, wish i would have done it yrs ago!

    Key lime gum, you know ive been posting about that for it!

    and the cookies in the last post..NICEEEEEE! Vegan and GF. And i have peanut flour!

  3. Jeanette - Thanks! I'm so glad you like my face =)

    Averie - Thanks for the encouragement hehe and honestly I probably would get some tattoos if I wasn't an actress. I just don't want to limit myself from potential roles. So I'll just have to be jealous of cool girls like you. ;)

  4. I know from seeing that headband in person that it ROCKS.

    So lovely meeting you today!!!!!!! Sorry we didn't get to talk more, but I am sure there will be more in the future....and rock that audition today girl! (right? i think that's why you had to leave. if not...then rock your NEXT audition. haha :))

  5. Why don't we have such cool gum this side of the pond?! Not fair x x