Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Weekend and HLB Blogger Meetup!

Wow I had a busy weekend! I actually had a really busy week overall - eight auditions! Also, I booked that student film I had the callback for last week. Yay!!

On Friday I went to see a free screener of "Unstoppable" with some of my friends on the Fox Lot. Unstoppable is the Chris Pine/Denzel Washington train movie and it is awesome and full of adrenaline. I recommend it when it comes out in November!

Friday night I went out partying for a friend's birthday and I considered leaving early to go to sleep but I decided I would just get four hours and then speed through the next day on leftover adrenaline. Worked perfectly. On Saturday I had an audition (in sign language, no less!) at USC at 9, then more filming for the webseries It Casting at 10:30 in Tarzana, then a blogger meetup lunch in Santa Monica at 1, then another audition in Hollywood at 3:30. If you know LA, then you'll know that none of those things are close to each other! But everything went great and I love being busy. But back to that HLB meetup -- ten local bloggers listed on Healthy Living Blogs met up at Real Food Daily in Santa Monica to talk and take pictures of our food without feeling judged.

I got the Real Food Meal:

Steamed veggies, brown rice, black-eyed peas, "pressed salad," seaweed salad, and kale with a side of BBQ dressing. It was simple but good, just what I was looking for.

In the background you can see Monica's salad, which was very pretty.

Please check out everybody's blogs:

I had to duck out a little early to get to my next audition but I had a great time and look forward to another meetup, maybe with a circular table next time!

On Saturday night I ate my leftovers, to which I added my leftover Tomato Basil Soup.

After this picture I added some roasted curry brussels sprouts.

Then I watched High Fidelity and went to bed pretty early.

I was planning on catching up on sleep but my best friend from middle/high school called me at 8 AM and I ended up spending an hour talking to her... and then I went back to sleep for another four hours. I had another audition yesterday and then I was asleep by about 10! I woke up at 8:30 this morning so hopefully I'm all caught up on sleep.

Links: The video of Chris Brown's "Deuces." I just think the dancing is awesome and I keep trying to imitate it. But I'm not attempting the backflip, I don't have a death wish. Just look at this for a sec and dispel your fantasies of small farms.


  1. "To take pictures of our food without feeling judged" haha -- and to think it all started in Europe...

    Related to your twitter feed, I do think you're the only one who yells "make out" at actors on tv in a steamy moment.

    I'm thinking about you this morning and wondering about your night last night...