Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Urth Caffe and Goal Setting

I went to Urth Caffe on Melrose for coffee today. It's a cute, busy cafe with lots of coffee and tea plus breakfast and lunch. I just wanted coffee so I didn't look very closely at the menu but it seems vegan-friendly. They have almond, soy, and rice milk for coffee but there's a 50 cent surcharge (LAME!). There's also a wide arrange of add-ins, including agave.

I got a large coffee with hot almond milk and it came in a mug with a nice layer of foam. It was delicious and it didn't even need any sweetener.

This afternoon I went to The Actors' Network, first to see Darci Monet, a vocal coach, and then for a talk on goal setting. The session with the vocal coach was fun because there were very few of us and she had each of us get up in front and do some vocal exercises. In the second session we talked about setting goals for five years, three years, and one year from now, as well as breaking up those years into three-month segments. The facilitator told us to ask ourselves - if a camera followed you around, how much time would it see you spending actively working towards your five-year goal? Because if you aren't taking actionable steps towards your goal, it's just a pipe dream. And you should set goals based on what you can achieve, not what other people decide for you. That's a tricky part of being an actor - so much of your career is completely out of your hands. Acting is not a time-in, money-out career. You don't necessarily get out what you put in. But that shouldn't stop you from setting goals. And then when you fail to accomplish a goal (as we all do sometimes), keep going. Don't give up and start over. I kept thinking how similar acting and weight loss are - people feel defeated so they give up and they're constantly starting their career over. That's the same mindset that says, "Oh I blew it today. I'll start my diet for real on Monday."

Tomorrow I'm going to another event at The Actors Network and then I have an audition!

Do you set goals for yourself? Do you write them out or keep them in your head? Do you break down an action list?


  1. I enjoyed reading about your goal-setting session. It's true that most of us just live day to day, trying to do well TODAY and not thinking much about where we'd like to be 5 years out. But for someone choosing your profession, that kind of foresight is critical. Without it, you're too easily tempted to give up and start over time and time again. I also agree that a surcharge on non-dairy milk reflects backward thinking -- a surprise for a California establishment.

  2. Good luck with the goals! I have a hard time declaring them because if I fail, owning up is a lot worse when I have to admit the failure to others (or worse, deal with their pity!) That said, when you don't set goals, there's no real motivation to shoot for anything other than what you're currently capable of, and where's the interest in that?