Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gum and Jujubes

Wow, I've had a busy and fantastic weekend!

First up, I got an e-mail today from the director of the film I auditioned for on Thursday and said took over three and a half hours out of my day. She said she had decided to cast someone else but loved my performance and would like to stay in touch for future projects. I thought that was really nice because that never happens. In the audition process in LA, you go in, audition, leave, and you will probably never hear anything back. You could get a call that evening or weeks later letting you know you got a callback or booked the job, but you have no idea. And if you didn't get it, you just won't hear anything at all. So it was very nice of her to write me.

On Thursday night I totally ran out of gum and Crystal Light, which was a catastrophe, so I immediately headed to Ralphs to rectify that situation. I may have gone overboard a tad:

Don't worry, that will last me a while. I'm not one of those pack-a-day chewers, but I usually have a couple of pieces of gum a day. The watermelon is my #1 flave that I have been chewing for years and the other two were new additions inspired by Averie (they didn't have the key lime flavor!) I couldn't choose between the two so I got both and I'm glad I did. The mint chocolate chip tastes like a sweeter version of normal mint gum but the scent is 100% perfect, OMG. I just sniff it for fun. And the strawberry shortcake is also delicious. Ha gum is weird but whatever, I like it.

On Friday I had another audition and in the evening I watched Snatch. It was all right, kind of like Ocean's 11 but less fun. OK, dirty joke - I still remember when that movie was about to come out and Madonna wore a super low-cut shirt that said "Snatch, Coming Soon." I didn't know it was a movie so I thought she meant boobs now, snatch later and thought it was quite scandalous. Turns out it was my mind that was in the gutter (and I was maybe 11?).

I also bought this coffee from Trader Joes.

Once again, inspired by Averie. =) I hadn't really noticed this coffee and I felt silly buying a pre-ground coffee when I own a coffee grinder but this stuff is only about $3 and it turns out it's pretty darn tasty! I like my coffee really really dark and strong. NO watery coffee here!

Yesterday I spent several hours Skyping with my mom in the morning, having fantastic deep conversations on various political topics. I've missed that. Then I had another audition and it didn't go as well as they usually do. I was supposed to be really emotional and crying and right before I started talking someone in the room next door started blasting Beyonce and it kind of got me off my game. But that's OK, because I came home and made soup and watched The Truth About Cats and Dogs. Then I spent a few hours preparing for my audition and filming today. Finally about 10:30 I went to a bar called Happy Ending in Hollywood with my friends. It's a little out of my character to go out that late but that's how life is here and I am adjusting. I had a lot of fun and met cool people!

Even though I stayed at the bar until they turned the lights on, I woke up bright and early this morning (first around 6, then I willed myself to sleep until 7) with lots of energy - it was filming day! I got ready and then headed to an audition that I had first and it went really well. Lots of fun. I think I like doing comedy better than drama because there's just no better feeling than making people laugh. When you have a room of people cracking up, you can't help but feel positive.

I had time before filming so I went to the Studio City Farmers' Market (where I saw Noah, Claire's dad from Heroes, BTW). I bought some awesome produce.

That's green onions, mixed lettuces and spinach, two heirloom tomatoes, celery, fresh basil, jujubes, a teeny daikon radish, and a huge onion. Let's take a closer look at those jujubes.

I've seen these before but never dared try them. They're called "Chinese dates" but they taste more like apples (they just start to look like dates as they age, as the top fruit is in the process of doing). I'd never been able to sample them before buying but I got a bite today and thought it was pretty darn delicious. I love apples and I could see just eating these like mini-apples. Yum.

I also bought a loaf of homemade bread for some friends who I'm going to see on Tuesday. I didn't know what kind to get, so I picked "squaw bread" because it sounded interesting. I probably should have gone with something plain but oh, well. I gravitate towards the new and different. Plus, the baker said specifically that it was vegan friendly and I love people who know what vegan means and give a crap.

Everything, including the bread, was about $11. Seriously amazing deals. The tomatoes were $1.50 per pound (unheard of! and definitely the cheapest at the market!), celery $1.50, green onions 50 cents, all that lettuce was like $2. I definitely say that lettuce is much cheaper at farmers' markets than at any kind of grocery store, be it WF, TJ's, or Ralphs.

After the market I went to do my filming at 1. I had a GREAT time! I was playing a student filmmaker casting her thesis film - the only problem is, I haven't written it yet, so I make the auditioning actors read monologues and jump through figurative hoops. We'll shoot a couple more scenes in October, she'll edit between November and December, and they should be up on the internet in January. So that will be a great New Years' present to you all.

This evening I got to Skype with my family during my brother's 20th birthday party and watch him eat cake and open presents!!! I got him a waffle iron. =) It was great to "be there." I love him SO MUCH!!!

Good Links Today: Article about how Hugh Jackman used a mostly-vegan diet designed by Brendan Brazier to bulk up for the latest Wolverine movie. Good for him! He realized that loading up on animal protein could give him muscles but was terrible for his body and he wanted to bulk up in a healthy way. Averie's Zevia giveaway - that's stevia-sweetened soda, y'all. Hilarious clip from a 1970's sex ed video. EEK! Gena's butternut squash smoothie. How interesting is that?!

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  1. Love this personal post, Erika! Sounds like a great weekend. Thanks for the new fruit -- I love how CA has so many fruits and vegetables we never know exist out in the middle of America. And I can't wait to follow these links -- thanks for sharing. SO awesome to share the bday event with you last night!!