Monday, August 16, 2010

Kansas City, Curry Hummus, Tom Yum Soup, Roasted Veggies, Lovely Family, GO BRONCOS!

Well phase one of my vacation has come to an end, because my mom and step-dad left today to go back to Indiana. =( It had been five months since I saw my mom, which was tied for longest time apart with my study abroad semester in China. Thank golly for Skype. We've already set up a coffee and Skype date tomorrow because we already can't freakin' stand it!

We did have a great weekend, though. On Saturday we hung out a little in Kansas City. But first we had a yummy salad for lunch.

There's three kinds of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, sprouts, purple pepper, and chives. Instead of dressing we used Indian Curry hummus. WOW! I hadn't ever eaten curry hummus, but I really recommend it. You could probably make it yourself just by mixing hummus with a bunch of curry spice. This stuff is stroooong. It's made locally in Kansas City but I'm definitely going to look for something similar in LA.

In Kansas City we did some shopping - we needed to buy a new operating system for my Mac because I was woefully out of date. We also went to Dicks Sporting Goods, were we saw super-buff female mannequins.

This is a real step forward in mannequin equality because usually only the men get to be buff and the women mannequins are just skinny with big boobs.

Then we went to a Thai restaurant that I'm pretty sure was called Thai Palace. Or Thai Place. There were lots of typos on the menu, so who knows what it was supposed to be. But it was good and had an entire vegetarian menu. My mom and step-dad got spicy green beans and a yellow curry with coconut milk, and I got a delicious soup.

It was called Tom Yum Vegetable and it was filled with lots of veggies and strong lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, and ginger flavor. Delicious!!!

On Sunday we saw my cousin and met her 6-week-old baby. Here's a picture of me and my brand-new second cousin (right? Or is it first cousin once removed?).

Then we came home to watch the Broncos game because get this - one of our best friends from IU is now a rookie on the Broncos team! So watch out for #53 Jammie Kirlew, because he kicks ass. He got a lot of playing time in his first NFL game and made three tackles and a sack. We rewound and watched his key plays on freeze-frame and my mom took pictures of the screen.

Very exciting.

While we watched the game, we ate roasted veggies with tempeh.

We made the tempeh just by cutting it up and cooking it with some General Tso's stirfry sauce my dad had in the fridge for ten minutes or so until it looked done.

The veggies were brussels sprouts, carrots, golden and red beets, yams, and cauliflower with Jamaican Jerk seasoning and garlic powder.

Delicious and perfect finger food in my opinion. =)

Which brings us to today. Today was my day to babysit because my step-mom was working from 6-6. We started out the day with a nice long walk with baby in the stroller, mom, step-dad, and me. Then we did some cleaning. My brother loves the vacuum so we mostly crawled around on the floor and followed my mom while she vacuumed. Before my mom left she made me a salad for lunch, just because she's sweet.

Doesn't food taste better when mommy makes it?

There's lettuce, radishes, green onion, purple pepper, carrots, tomatoes from my dad's garden, and beautifully arranged parsley around the edges. I ate it with the aforementioned curry hummus. It was so big and filling that I had half for lunch and half for dinner!

So I had to say goodbye to this lovely lady (seen here with my new second cousin).

And consoled myself with some great cuddle time with this guy.

Do you live close to your family? Do you see them a lot? Are you close with your siblings?


  1. What a wonderful review of our weekend. I miss you so much already it's painful. Thanks for the lovely pics and fun descriptions. Skype with you later today!

  2. Glad you liked it. It was a great week!