Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barney's Favorite Pasta

Today was great! Not really in my personal life, because I didn't do anything special. But I'm really excited for two great events today:

1) My little brother got his pilot's license! He passed his test and the guy who gave him his test even said that he is well above average in his skills and should look into a career in aviation. I am so happy for him and proud of him, I can't even tell you. He's only 19 and this is such an accomplishment.

2) Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional! This isn't the end of the road, but at least the judge declared that there is no reasonable justification to deny homosexual couples the right to marry. Yay for equality. =)

Food Diary:
Breakfast: Miso soup, steamed broccoli
Lunch: Brussels sprouts
Snack: Romaine salad with peach salsa and homemade Rawmesan
Dinner: Barney's Zucchini Pasta, frozen blueberries

I had the world's biggest brussels sprouts. Honestly I think the bigger the brussel, the tastier.

Check that out!

For dinner I made a really simple recipe that is named for the colors of everyone's favorite talking, singing dinosaur.

Barney's Zucchini Pasta
Tamarind paste
Apple cider vinegar

Spiralize zucchini. Mix dressing ingredients (with a spoon is fine, no blender necessary). You could easily add some carrot ribbons, mint and basil, or other vegetables to spruce it up.

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  1. Awesome news from home and our country. Loved the pic of your little hand. :)