Sunday, July 11, 2010

Veggie Grill and Movie Premiere!

I finally got to see my movie last night! My first feature film, Bloomington, had its LA premiere at Outfest last night at the Laemmle on Sunset. It was really fun and the movie turned out great.

Before the movie, my friend Emily and I went to the Veggie Grill, which happened to be directly below the movie theater. She got the chili and kale salad and I got the chop salad. It was great!

I have to admit, though, after doing lots of having fun and staying up late this weekend, I am ready to get back on my schedule. I just feel better going to bed at 10:30, getting up at 7:30, working out first thing, and making my food at home. I am so lame. =)

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  1. thanks for saying hi today (and all the other days youve said hi too )

    and i really appreciated your comment/honey perspective today. food for thought, for sure!