Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Onion Soup for Sick Days

I'm sorry I haven't posted in several days - I've been sick. It's probably just a bad cold but it has laid me out so badly I've barely been able to move or think.

I have been eating gallons of soup. I invented a new delicious soup called Onion Soup. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. Sautee some onions until nice and browned, add broth. Add miso if you have it. Another delicious variation is to sautee mushrooms with your onions and create Mushroom Onion Soup.

I love the clouds that miso makes in soup. Delicious!

I love broth. I remember opening up a can of broth to eat like soup when I was a kid and my mom was like, "Whaaat? You can't eat that! That's just broth!"

But there is NO reason to buy cans or boxes of broth. Just buy the concentrated stuff and mix it yourself. Save yourself lots of money and packaging. This is my favorite:

So here's my official recipe for
Onion Soup for Sick Days:
1 sweet onion
1 cup mushrooms
1 tbsp garlic, optional
1 tbsp miso
4 cups broth

Sautee onions and mushrooms. When sufficiently browned, add remaining ingredients until soup is piping hot. Now drink that up!

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