Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey There, Tomato, What on Earth Are You Doing?

I got lots of little things done today, which felt good.

For some reason I had trouble sleeping last night and didn't get to bed until probably 1:30 or so, but I still got up around 7:30. First things first, I worked out and watched Covert Affairs on Hulu. It's a new show about a CIA operative. I'm a sucker for CIA narratives! I once thought that maybe I wanted to join the CIA, but then I realized that I really just wanted to ACT like a CIA agent... like Sydney Bristow (Alias). =)

I also washed my sheets and towels, watered my plants, took out recycling, did some cooking and used up vegetables, and trimmed my bangs. I've only trimmed my bangs once before and it was a huge failure because I can't tell what's straight and what isn't. But it went much better this time because I cut a teeeeny tiny bit at a time. I also watched the movie MASH and read Wired magazine. My stepdad got me subscriptions to Wired and Fast Company, and I love reading them because they're really interesting and discuss topics that I wouldn't normally read about (business, technology, science).

Oh and something else cool is that Kathy added me to her vegan blog list on Healthy Happy Life:

Thanks, Kathy!

On to the cooking!

Today's food diary:
Breakfast: Arugula salad w/ peach salsa and homemade Rawmesan
Lunch: Steamed broccoli w/ garlic, BBQ, and ketchup
Dinner: Raw zucchini pasta with sweet and spicy sauce, Cocoa Berries


Raw zucchini pasta w/ carrot noodles, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, and sauce made with sun-dried tomatoes, tamarind paste, apple cider vinegar, Braggs, garlic, red curry paste, sriracha, spirulina (that's why it's green, it was orange).

I've talked about tamarind paste before, because I used it in my pad thai recipe. Click on the pad thai label to see more. But for a photo refresher:

Weirdest-looking fruit award goes to tamarind!

I also made some salsa verde out of tomatillos, half a tomato, and sriracha. It's not very verde.

When I got sick of my sweet and spicy sauce I rinsed off the pasta and put on the very light-tasting salsa verde instead.

And I had something CRAZY happen. When I cut up my tomato, the seeds were sprouting! Check it out!

I thought that was totally awesome.


  1. Hey Erika! Wordpresser, Earth Muffin, bragged about you the other day! She said you left a comment saying how you can't out run a poor diet... Well, I say your right! You are one smart woman and I wanted to say thank you for sharing your wisdom. It was just what I needed to hear! Hope to talk to you again soon! :)

  2. Oh I love it when people brag about me! haha. I'm glad my little saying was helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by! =)